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Lv 20 Dragoon
Am I the only one who find the lv 20 ability of the dragoon somewhat... Unimpressive?
Do not get me wrong, love the class plenty of nice abilities (mostly power ups of the jump) but the
Lv 20? Granted few games get to lv 20 but let s look at it anyway.

Run down ;
Elemental resistance of 5 is completly meaningless against monsters at lv 20.
Low light/Darkvision are redundant for most races (and each other). Could be interessing but only to a few.
The 5 AC is nice however.

It is a really unimpressive final ability for a great class. Yes you got the other ability who finish their progression at lv 20 but still, you know you look at the ability on it s own because it s the new one at that level.

What do you guys think?

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