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FFXI/FFXIV 1.0 DoT Spell/Status Effects
I'm a bit of a fan of XI and XIV 1.0's DoT effects and spells. (I know that the 1.0 fan thing is a bit rare haha...)

So I've converted, changed, created, and renamed spells to best fit those settings, and each spell on the list is labelled if they are new, renamed, or altered in some way.

As the nature of the DoTs in XI and XIV, I've changed some status effects as well, such as fire spells now apply singed instead of burning, combust from XIV 2.0+ was added as well, and a whole bunch of other changes. Link to the google doc is below!

FFd20 DoT Mod

Like everything else I do, would love feedback, suggestions, comments, critiques, etc, etc! And all I do is free to use! I make this for fun and for the community to enjoy!

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