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Full Version: Type-Next thoughts. (Spoilers on Type-0)
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So, after (finally) finishing Type-0. I have to say that it was a great journey. Great story, gameplay, and all that.

The only thing that crushed me was the way all of Class-0 died at the end. They were just talking about the future and what they were going to do. I teared up at a happy ending (sorta, Machina and Rem hit me pretty hard). Then, I see the credits. I chill out watching them thinking how great it was...when the truth came. Machina and REM walk into the room where the rest of the Class-0 was, only to find that they had died, creating a banner out of their red capes and the pole was all their weapons.

The manly tears flowed. But, then my good friend Nelo tells me of a new trailer "Rise from the Ashes" which is accessed in a NG+ in the Crystarium. It shows someone looking like Ace in armor (similar to the one Kurasame wore) and he says the same thing he did at the start of Type-0 "We have arrived". This, paired with some of the people who worked on it saying they "hope to see more from Class-0".

Could this mean that they were brought back? A new cycle? An old one (seeing as how it looks feudal)?
The only thig bad about the game (The hd version) was the voice acting. Alot of the voice acting was bad not all but otherwise it was a great game and id probably say it was my favorite if i actually put the time ive put into its lore like i have VII.

I havent had feelings from an ending like that since Crisis core and i knew how it ended there. In the future probably after Children id like to start up a Type-0 based campainge but that could be changed in the future itsjust a project i had n mind for a later date.

I do hope to see more though. The scene your talking about is called Rise from ashes i do believe and hes kinda like a samurai in fedual japan so it could be one of the 6 million timelines Arecia started.