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Full Version: a question
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One of my friends in the same campaign as myself is getting 8 hits per round at level 4-5. He is using a Water Ring to compound the damage (1d6 water damage added to melee hits). He was doing this as 3-4 Plague bringer , 1 Berserker with frenzy + threshold + a Limit break. The DM did not wish to post, so I am posting for him to ask "Does this sound right?"

Nevermind this the dm was silly enough to give an item that gives 2 extra attacks on a full round action without telling me. At any rate im new to the forums so hey all.
Yeah, I think I know the GM and player this refers to >.>

If I am correct, and this is Kenki, the issue isn't ENTIRELY on him for the item, I mean if Haste was in the picture that'd be 1 extra attack anyways and after a certain point you should almost always be hasted in fights.

This still sounds a little high... Standard 1 attack, 2 extra from limit-frenzy, 1 from Rancor?, and 2 from magic item. That only accounts for 6 attacks, where are the other two coming from?

I would like to point out that Feral Combat Style explicitly states "There is no such thing as an off-hand attack for a Beastmaster striking unarmed." So TWF is not a valid way to get more attacks.