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Crystal Crafting- A New Type of Crafting
[Image: jbp3odqtm8o11.jpg]

Updated Selling & Random Crystal Type Rolling Info on 9/1/2019 @ 7:14 am

First and foremost you do not need a feat to start crafting with crystals. All you need is a single rank in Craft: Crystals and Repair. There are however feats that lower the DC's of items or help improve the creation progress of the Craft Crystals if you meet the proper prerequisites. Now then...

Crystals for crafting are from ffxi and ffxiv. To figure out the makeup of the elements and uses of each type of elemental properties I did research through the following series ffi, ffiii, ffiv, ffv and ffxiv. After figuring that out I was easily able to break down every ability, feat, item, weapon, stance, etc into crystal make ups. The reason why all items have charges is because the power the crystals give off is not infinite so therefore you must make repair checks. But the reason they are affordable is because the components themselves are affordable themselves.

You are able to gather crystals, shards, clusters and cracked clusters in open and closed areas and even from the monsters you've slain. I have even made traits and feats to make this easier.

The dcs are a little bit higher but the prices are also much lower. Also there are ways to make the dcs less. The base dcs are absolute.  Please be sure to buy kits to avoid an additional +5 DC. Some items will require other components such as alchemical items for example. If you don't have the item think of it as a spell component and the DC raises by 5.

Kits have a number of uses in them before they need to be resupplied. It only costs 20% of the total cost.

Lightning- energy, brain activity, greater speed, ignition, electrocution, electricity,
Ice- cold, temperature control, density, fortification,
Water- mixing for juices, creating water, flow, mixtures, potions, enfeeblement, mist, assists with movement of other elements,
Fire- combustion, temperature control, strength, power
Earth- soil futility, rare minerals crafting suppliment, defense, protection,
Wind- burst of wind, control over air currents, speed, slashing, haste, float,  enfeeblement, illusion

Dark- decay, darkness, emptiness, mana, absorbing, gravity, demi
Light- light, healing properties, life, boost,
Non-Elemental- void of elemental properties, can absorb elements, force, increases length
Unstable-Element- Powerful, Destructive, beneficial powers, negative powers

For example Vital Strike would consist of fire for power/strength, dark the gravity party of a mighty blow and water to allow the two to coincide together in a harmony and to grant a smooth flow of the skill.

For each skill, ability, feat, spell, item, etc you will have to break it down into its individual wording to see how it would be made on a crystals level. If it seems to rely on more crystals then another add more. Once you get the hang of it it's not hard at all. It took me about 6 months to perfect this system.

Charges can be determined by the following:
Skills, spell-like 6-10
Feats 5
Abilities 5-8
Weapons 20+
DR, Elemental Resistance, AC bonuses 10
Bombs 1
Ammunition 1
Armour 20+

If you wish to add more charges to them you have to add non elemental crystals, shards or clusters for 2 charges each and increase the repair to 1 non elemental crystals, shards or clusters (this doesn't increase the value of the crystal item). Might not be worth it in the long run, since non elemental items cost double the price of normal crystals.

Crystal Shard Catalyst Kit-
Price: 1,000 gil (1,150 gil masterwork)
Uses: 50/50
Restock supplies Price: 200
Grants the user the tools needed to craft with crystal shards with precision and accuracy. A masterwork kit grants a +1 competence bonus to items crafted with this kit.

The kit still may require use of other materials such as iron, steel, gold, adamantine, monster drops, alchemical items, various cloth or expensively materials.

If you extinguish all the charges on an item you will have to repair an item with 50%+1 shards/crystals/clusters as well as any additional items that may have been used to produce the item the first time around.

You would use a Crystal Shard Catalyst Kit to both create crystal items and to maintain them. The prices to make most items will be fairly cheap and the price to restock your kit is 20% of the total cost of the kit.

In-Game Crafting Purposes

You will be using Craft Crystals to produce crystal items and the Repair skill to repair them and upkeep their maintenance. 


When selling crystal items to an NPC you take the price of the item to make cost add 50% more to it then half the full price to sell it off. Yes vendors do make more selling these items to you but when you make these items its pretty dirt cheap to begin with. 

Farming crystals from the Land and Monsters...

1. While outside you may come into contact with crystals growing from a mining point even if it is a small point. [DC 15 to start the rolling of percentage dice.] You can do this once per day.

Shards 0-50 nothing 51-70 1d2 71-90 1d3, 91-95 1d4, 96-100 1d4+1

Crystals 0-60 nothing, 61-80 1d2, 81-95 1d3, 96-100 1d4

Clusters 0-65 nothing, 66-90 1d2, 91-100 1d3

On a D20 a 1 is a Unstable crystal/shard/cluster, 2-4 fire, 5-7 earth, 8-10 wind, 11-13 lightning, 14-16 water, 17-19 ice, 20 Roll 1D6
On a D6 a 1-2 is Dark, 3-4 Light, 5-6 Non Elemental 

2. When fighting beastmen or monsters that are attuned to a certain type of element there is a chance that you might be able to harvest crystals from within their bodies. [DC 20 to start the rolling of percentage dice.] You can do this once per day.

Shards 0-60 nothing 61-80 1d2 81-95 1d3, 96-100 1d4

Crystals 0-70 nothing, 71-85 1d2, 86-97 1d3, 98-100 1d4
Clusters 0-75 nothing, 76-95 1d2, 96-100 1d3


On a D20 a 1 is a Unstable crystal/shard/cluster, 2-4 fire, 5-7 earth, 8-10 wind, 11-13 lightning, 14-16 water, 17-19 ice, 20 Roll 1D6
On a D6 a 1-2 is Dark, 3-4 Light, 5-6 Non Elemental 

*****Note there are feats that will improve both 1. and 2.

***Class abilities in Disciple of the Hand will not be able to be used in the type of crafting since they are already on the cheaper side. You just need to keep them maintained in order to keep using them.

Purchasing crystals from Vendors...

Lightning Crystal Shards- 20 gil
Fire Crystal Shards- 20 gil
Wind Crystal Shards- 20 gil
Ice Crystal Shards- 20 gil
Water Crystal Shards- 20 gil
Earth Crystal Shards- 20 gil

Case of 25 costs 450 gil

Light Crystal Shards- 40 gil
Dark Crystal Shards- 40 gil

Case of 25 costs 925 gil

Non-Elemental Crystal Shards- 75 gil
Unstable Crystal Shards- 10 gil (triple the elemental damage output but (x7) +6 more chances of it exploding during crafting or as ammunition). Explodes on a 1-7 on a d20 roll.

NOTE: Purchasing crystal made items from vendors will reflect on how much the item is to craft and how much the crystals & component costs for the player. Its a mystery to what the profits the vendor is really getting. 

Lightning Crystals- 100 gil
Fire Crystals- 100 gil
Wind Crystals- 100 gil
Ice Crystals- 100 gil
Water Crystals- 100 gil
Earth Crystals- 100 gil

Case of 25 costs- 2,350 gil

Light Crystals- 200 gil
Dark Crystals- 200 gil

Case of 25 costs- 4,800 gil

Non-Elemental Crytals- 325 gil
Unstable Crystals- 50 gil (triple the elemental damage output but (x7) +6 more chances of it exploding during crafting or as ammunition). Explodes on a 1-7 on a d20 roll.

Lightning Clusters- 2,000 gil
Fire Clusters- 2,000 gil
Wind Clusters- 2,000 gil
Ice Clusters- 2,000 gil
Water Clusters- 2,000 gil
Earth Clusters- 2,000 gil
Light Clusters- 4,000 gil
Dark Clusters- 4,000 gil
Non-Elemental Clusters- 7,250 gil
Unstable Clusters- 1,000 gil (triple the elemental damage output but (x7) +6 more chances of it exploding during crafting or as ammunition). Explodes on a 1-7 on a d20 roll.

  • It is much cheaper to get the items and craft them yourselves as opposed to buying them from a vendor. When buying a crystal item from the vendor they will be more expensive then your normal item that you are used to such as (double the crafting items cost + crystals to make the item + additional items that need to be farmed for the item to be completed). It won't cost too much more but it will just be easier to farm the items yourselves. 
  • Example- Crystal Sleeping Bag is made for 125 gil. Double that for a vendor is 250, plus the crystals need brings the total to 390 gil.
  • Alchemical Items are not added to the total purchase cost of the item when buying it at a vendor, Only farmed items. Consider the alchemical items as part of the base price for this reason. 

There will be three Tiers of items in different categories that I will be uploading. Tier I's will all be crystal shards levels 1-7 characters. Tier II's will all be crystals levels 6-13 characters. Tier III's will all be cluster crystals levels 12-18 characters. There will eventually be a Tier IV for the 20+ players as well.

I will be incorporating cracked clusters later and while there are different colors and elements I do not have enough information regarding this so i will be using a non elemental cracked cluster crystals for targeting level 15-20 players. I guess this this Tier would be like 3.25

Credit for everyone who helped: @Fortheseen#5368  @Skeletondoggy#8509  @Thorne#3288  @Warren#1482  @Zwei/Levi#4621  @lil Guzma#6074     @Norinia#0764 @360macgamer#1914  @Star Child#7682   @Void_Null#9144 @Eloquent Firefly#6483 @Silent#5239 @tookenfunny#7049 @NapazTrix#6401 @Gregsiris#3618 @LuciriniaZ3d#0284 @Virgil#7107 

Updated 8/18/2019 12:17 AM
Cluster Items (Tier III levels 12-19) Coming Soon... Approx 40 Items and Counting...

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