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Hybrid Class/Archetype Ideas (Inspiration Drawn From Outside FF Series)
Tribal Chanter/Planar Conductor/Acoustic Caller?
Bard/Summoner: (inspired by Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World's Battle of the Bands scene against the twins)
Manifests an Avatar/Esper through music; the Avatar/Esper performs as well as you're playing

Umbra Witch
Time Mage(Chronotrigger)/Summoner (inspired by Bayonetta)
Makes a pact with an Avatar for bonuses and the ability to summon; otherwise functions like a Chronotrigger

Any other ideas or suggestions for making the classes/archetypes?

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<>D20 Class Change System<>
I had actually been considering a Monk/Summoner hybrid class that makes you into a Stand-User, but instead of rock songs, you pick from a few classic Final Fantasy tracks.

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