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Looking for a game
My friend and I would love to join a game on Saturday nights. We live with the EST time zone, but we can negotiate all that later. Is anyone starting a game soon that needs players?
theres occasionally one or two on I recently joined one on sundays that just started.
i'm looking for another to try out too, too many classes I wanna try. Like a technomancer.. though i'm not sure how they work yet.. seems like every class ability requires money.

I bet you could go to the paizo pathffinder forums and find a subsection and open a ffd20 thread and ask if anyones making them.. chances are it'll spark some interest in it maaybe.
Hey Gizmo, I've always been trying to start one up to try my hand at story based DM'ing. Messege me for me details please?

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Unrelatd but.

TheFrozenMoogle. You have an aesome quote in your signature.

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