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How many FFd20 campaigns/adventures has everyone played in/Game Mastered?

I've currently been the GM for two "successful" campaigns(by successful I mean lasted more than 10 sessions or a few months of real world time) and am currently GMing one now.

1st: Final Fantasy Rebirth as I called it. Primary party consisted of a Fighter/Berserker, Red Mage/Ruby Magister, White Mage/Summoner and a Holy Knight or Thief/Ninja(these two characters swapped regularly from session to session). The concept of the game was the typical save the crystals and stop the evil empire type deal. Lasted around 12 session over a three month period.

2nd: Crimson Sky, as I called this one. Party consisted of a Thief/Ninja, White Mage, Monk, White Mage/Black Mage/Scholar(fairly regular party member but wasn't there at times), and a Dual Gunblade using Gunner. The basic premise was an evil Mage's Guild was trying to revive the demon god Chaos and the party had to stop them by collecting eight enchanted weapons which were the only things that could harm the demon. This campaign was actually concluded and was around 24 sessions I believe over a 6+ month period.

3rd: Current Campaign, I call this one Destiny's Trigger. The premise is similar to the 1st campaign in that the party needs to protect the four crystals from an evil empire and I have many allusions to almost every FF as well the game was inspired by Chrono Trigger a fair amount. Main Party so far consists of a Engineer/Chemist, Knight, White Mage and a Gunblade Fighter that might switch to Red Mage. Party is going to be getting a Thief/Ninja and a Beastmaster soon though.

As for games I'm currently playing it, I'm in two games run by Viladin. In one I'm playing a tough as nails Fighter who focuses in making things hurt using her greatsword and in the other I'm playing a timid White Mage who has a completely rational fear of clowns.

Signing of chaoticangel97 If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.
- Magus, Chrono Trigger
Why clowns? Sad They're funny.
Not when they look like Kefka. You don't normally find that kind of clown funny. Those clowns are only funny when they are complaining about a submariner's male child. Wink

Signing of chaoticangel97 If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.
- Magus, Chrono Trigger
What if Sairis WAS a submariner's male child?
Well I suppose that is entirely possible since I never came up with a backstory... Although if Sairis is the son of a submariner...does that mean Kefka was talking about him back in VI? Tongue

Signing of chaoticangel97 If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.
- Magus, Chrono Trigger
Mogki the Juggler: Moogle Thief/Ninja. My first FFd20 character. Mogki's parents died before he ever knew them, before they'd even given him a name. He and his brother were taken on board a ship, as moogles are useful for airships (small size, no risk of death by falling over). The captain, Peta Ronso, named him Mogki and adopted them. His brother now owns his own ship (he's an NPC that happened to be there when I came into the game), and Mogki left to find his fortunes with a likely group of adventurers.

Quip Quibble: Qu Engineer. I don't have much background for him, but I imagine him mostly as a cross between a Power Ranger and CAPTAIN GORDAN, DEFENDER OF EARTH.
Of the three Final Fantasy d20 games I've been involved with, I have been a player for two of them and a GM for one.

For the games I was a player, my character was essentially the same, as the second game gave the opportunity to try and go through with the concept I had from the first. Alexander was a Knight through and through. He was the oldest of seven siblings and grew up without a father, thus causing him to play the role of a pseudo-father.

However, because these two games began much like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (the GM is a huge fan of that series), it took place in a relatively modern world until all of the PCs were sucked into the world of Ivalice. Once there, Alexander found himself in the barracks of a knight training camp established by one of the major clans as a means of establishing military presence in a multitude of cities. The goal of the player was, at the time I had played him, to realize that his relatively peaceful ways of dealing with threats to his comrades wasn't working, thus causing him to fall to the path of the Dark Knight.

Later, he would come to realize the error of his ways after, at some event (we never got around to this part), Alexander puts his comrades in danger by his own actions (thus destroying his very reason for giving into dark power). Afterwards, he would revert to his old knightly ways by restricting the use of his dark powers until eventually finding enlightenment and becoming a Holy Knight (or a Paladin, as we were going to call it). At some point, I had wanted him to work towards becoming an official Judge as a way to truly influence the world and he would then see that Light and Dark could work together, thus having a neat duality effect of sorts.

Of course, none of this happened. The only difference to him in the second campaign is that the characters lived in Ivalice all of their lives and that Alexander was working towards his judge position from the start. I know, it's cliche, but I enjoyed it.

As for the game I ran, it only had one actual session, but I had fleshed out a lot of the lore and backstory which was inspired by numerous other series such as the Space Trilogy, Skies of Arcadia and Xenoblade Chronicles. I still tinker with the idea of the game in hopes of maybe running it again, though all of that is still up in the air.
I've Gm'd a campaign already and my group is at the beginner of another I made.
The first adventure was set in Spira before the events of FF10, though instead of being focused on completing the pilgrimage the group soon discovers a guild plotting to stop the pilgrimages. Group was an NPC summoner, a thief/ninja, red mage/elementalist, a dragoon, and later a holy knight. Unfortunately the dragoon died near the end and since it was too late to introduce a new character, the player took over a npc black mage the party was familiar with and he loved the change.

While I let the group use many differents books when making their character's in the first campaign I've grown more strict with this new one, which occurs in Ivalice.

My group loves the ffd20 systems and I only wish that someone else would gm so I'd get a shot as a player. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy being the person everyone turns to to make a campaign.
I've run a caimpaign a year or so ago with a western theme. My players are still talking about it. So I have decided to advance the timeline and run again in the same caimpaigne world 150 years later. First time I ran this game we had about 200 pages with no blue magic spell list or monsters. I had to invent it all. Revisiting it now and seeing how far this has gone I am amazed at the progress and new content. Kudos to everyone who has worked so hard and done so much to develop this game. Thank you very much.
Ran my first session. I believe it was a success. Party is summoner, beastmaster and redmage. I have an NPC thief with party to make sure all the dragon food groups are there. We challenged wolves, flan, ghouls, and skeltons. What gimped us up though was the corrosive spiders. The spiders I gave a single web they threw at the entrance. The combination of damage from the web and poison and high DC to escape or break free of the web about gave us a TPK. Plus there was not enough antidotes to go around. I will have to be more careful with this. Most fun for me was I made the ghouls college girls with air heads like the stereo type.
We have a Holy Knight in the party too now. We are up to 4th level and the characters have fought terrorists on a giant office building, taken a ride on a haunted train, made friends and enimies from NPCs, saved civilians from bombs, and even got to play around at the Golden Saucer. Right now there home/school/HQ is under attack! I believe everyone is having fun. What is going wrong is that my time frame is advancing quicker then I anticipated. We are at the midpoint in the plot and we are just 4th level. I've needed more filler stuff like side quests and things that don't directly advance the plot. My players are not the kind to leave many stones unturned. I will begin now trying to find ways to draw out the plot. Add some life and details to the world and create opportunities for more stuff to happen.
My group is doing ok, outside the "usual rules and pathfinder headaches" (new to the system.) Things go nice and smooth, untilllllllllll they get to level 10s lol then I run into a rage *chuckle.* Otherwise the system is fine, I just think you need to work on "multiclass" balancing and, re-reading what you had posted. Some things are crystal clear and others are "huh."

I personally find blue mage / sapphire magister causing tons of personal migraines.

"Can my blue mage learn an ability from another blue mage."
"If my blue mage made a scroll and gave it to another blue mage would that blue mage learn the spell."
"If a blue mage gets hit by anouther blue mages ability, then uses their limit break does that mean they recieve a clone of the other blue mage.."

Then there is sapphire magister.... "I learn an ability learned from a piece of a monster, how does that piece of monster work..." (Ahem ruby weapon eye and so on which have lower level abilities)

How does one "study" a monster, is it one round, is it a period of study for 3 rounds , is it 1 round per hit die of the monster ? How would it apply with blue mage knowing the spell of a monster, I haven't met yet , does that mean I get to turn into that monster ?

I can maintain form indefinably, I wanna be a mephit and cause mass diggy diggy holeage"

Oh you have a mime, well cool beans, guess what, I'm a sapphire magister, oh yeah "copy ability, copy super-natural ability , copy - monster like ability, Well muahahha my mime just beat the ever living snot out of your saphire magister, I can turn into any bloomen creature in the monster bloody manual that falls into spell restriction while you have to study yours I don't have to, since I don't need a list.

Then theres.. pet balance issues:
Holy knight , chocobo knight, dragoon, beastmaster, mechanic , dark knight , mystic knight, white mage.

Oh I'm a blue mage and I'm a beast master, I am now a super human damn black bear with enough strength to literally tip over a bloomen train...

Oh I'm a chocobo knight with soldier.. Wait not only do I have a gold chocobo, but i have a bloody knight sword that has a 15 foot reach and is long enough to be considered a lance.... "yay and harrah" lol oh and I multiclass into redmage and get beast masters rage.... welllllllllll ain't that fun and exciting...

Then ontop of that lol, we get the "this rule isn't explained well in teh rule book" moments.
I get 10k gold in the shinra shop... (There aint no shinra shop in this world...) ummm well let me see.... I guess that means you can buy a crap ton of spell scrolls and master every bloody spell in your class and have more to spend. Lol... Dm's discression but, still... 10k is a bit much....

Airship combat... ? How does one do it ?
Prestige class: You must learn how to sail a ship and or own a airship worth such and such value... (Ummm ok ?)
Corsair: No dice rolls o-o ?
Summoner: Wait you mean I get to summon minions... and minions... and even more minions ?
I started a campaign with my DnD group a couple days ago, testing out my Secondary Job System, and it seemed to go over well. We're going to start meeting regularly, and this is my first time DMing. Kinda nervous. I'll tell you how it goes!
What are you doing for the Secondary JS? That thought interested me too, since I love the job class systems, a la FFT. I have a FFd6 system i found elsewhere, where he allows it, but the classes work completely differently, not like a level system like Pathfinder. Planning on starting up a campaign here in the next few weeks, hashing out a story now.
Starting a game on Roll20 on Sunday. It takes place in Spira before FFX. The players are members of the crusaders who are hired by a summoner to be her guardians. Don't wanna give out too much here because I know at least one of my players is a forumite. I'll keep you guys updated, though.

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