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Final Fantasy d20 Virtual Tabletop via Maptool (WIP)
[Image: preview_zps0f29c176.png]


This is what I've been working on. Sadly, I can't take full credit for building this thing up from scratch. (Other people far more talented in Java and JSON than I built this for D&D 3.5/Pathfinder.) What credit I *can* take is that I've completely modified all battle conditions, status effects, and even the built in spell database to fit this ruleset. This powerful, robust framework can handle the heavy lifting in terms of calculating damage, saves, buffs and debuffs, special attacks, ect. allowing more time to focus on the actual gameplay. Simply make your tokens, use "Edit Char" to edit token base stats, and you're ready to play!

To use this as your gaming table, you'll need to download Maptool (I recommend b87 or higher), the FFd20 campaign file, and Java 6 or better (b89 focuses on using Java 7) installed onto your computer.

As of this time, this project is still in development, hence why there are not any download links yet. I work on this whenever I have some free time. Cool

I am always open to feedback, thoughts, questions about the framework, ect. Just post below. I check at least once a week.


5-8-13: Announcing the FFd20 framework for Maptool. Current progress at this time has conditional modifiers at 80% complete. I have an issue to resolve in tracking MP. Spell database still being rebuilt. Overall progress roughly 40% complete.

5-17-13: Double whammy! Aside to having put aside development for abit to deal with real-life issues, the development team for the original framework released an updated version featuring some minor updates in addition to reworking the attack macros to support one-click targeting. I have gotten to play with this and have come to the conclusion that the new version has enough merits to stop progress on my older version and move my work to the new one. I'm hoping its just a simple matter of exporting my work from the old framework and then importing it onto the new one, thus keeping all my changes and modifications intact. If I can't...well, that would really suck to have to start all over. Sad

Also, yay Summoners are done!

6-1-13 Well, it wasn't as easy as a simple transfer. I really hate re-doing work I've already done, but its been done. Spells and conditional effects are now finalized. The next beast to tackle, the spell database. ...That might take me a little bit. I'll keep things posted. Smile
I liked Maptools, but I thought development was no more.
(05-08-2013, 01:35 PM)Viladin Wrote: I liked Maptools, but I thought development was no more.

It's definitely slowed down, but it's not dead. Build 89 released just this past month, which was a major (and long overdue) upgrade in supporting Java 7. I haven't used it extensively yet, but it is a stable release.

There's also been talk of doing a complete overhaul to Maptools itself to improve visual appearance and performance. Maptool 2.0, basically.

I think Maptool's biggest killers is that there's now a flood of other VT options out there. All the ones I've found have monetary backing of some sort, but that doesn't seem to stop them in surpassing Maptool's fanbase. It's understandable as to why. Maptool is open-sourced liscensing, so it will always be free. With no money, comes no advertising (unless some renowned blogger plugs it) and a rate of development based on it's actively contributing userbase which is usually slow anyway.
Bump for great status updates!
Well, hurry up :p I want to see if Maptools will be better than Roll20's virtual desktop.
I use maptools over lan for my local ffd20 game. For tokens I have saved all of the monster and player sprite images from the first 6 games off of the ff wiki, the images save with no background so it looks like the sprite is just sitting on the tiles.
[Image: 935667_10200681351494402_1973137327_n.jpg]
There are tons of good FF sprites out there.

^ - for example
I don't need the full pages of sprites, and I am too lazy to shop the backgrounds out.
But for those that want all the poses and have the ambition this is a perfect resource.

Has one of you tried Rolisteam ?

Some time ago it seemed ideal to me, but I didn't actually compare it to any other.

So I'm curious which one would be the best. Shy
A June 1st update! Not a dead project! Wink
(05-20-2013, 11:29 PM)Wolfen Fenrison Wrote: I don't need the full pages of sprites, and I am too lazy to shop the backgrounds out.
But for those that want all the poses and have the ambition this is a perfect resource.

That's what TokenTool is for. Use that and drop the sprite sheet on it to make all the custom tokens you ever need. It is available at the Maptools download site.

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