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Blue Spirit Ore V1.0 (Legendary Weapons)
Blue Spirit Ore is known to be the what weapons of legends ate made of. A weapon difficult to use but grows with every swing and enemy slain. Though many dont know where to find such mysterious ore for their legends to become known. 

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTzFfMJiYNEHNbHGiXKO...6&usqp=CAU]

[color=#ffffff]Blue Spirit Ore is a very rare ore. Why just one chunk of the stuff can sell for over 400,000 gil and still not be enough to make a proper sword. But where does one find such a mysterious and rare ore?[/color]

[color=#ffffff]Legend has it that a place where Lifestream/aether is collected and mingles with a certain ore is where you will find it. No one knows what the certain ore is because once the aether is in it, it consumes the ore, removing all impurities and transforming it into a new type of ore. You will know you found the right stuff when you see a dark blue luminescent ore that feels like it is sucking part of your life force out. I wouldn't suggest staying there too long though.[/color]

[color=#ffffff]Mining it is another difficult challenge. Typical picks will just break, no... you will need an Oricalcum mining Kit to dislodge chunks of the stuff and the finer tools to get the desired pieces you need. You will also need an oricalcum weapons kit for crafting your weapon. Blue spirit ore has a natural DC 45 check to it + your weapons DC, but dont be alarmed a failed roll will only extend the duration by another week. You cannot break the near unbreakable.[/color]

[color=#ffffff]It takes about 2 months to prepare the weapon for use. Here is the bonuses for the weapon. And reasons why you should start using your weapon even while its unfinished. [/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]3.2 times heavier then steel[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Can infuse 1 materia +1 for each size category larger. All materia in weapon are linkable (for DMs that like this).[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Drains 5 hp (mp for casters) for first month until user adjusts to it then Grant's 5.[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Requires base of level 11. [/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Requires base str of 16. 20 for two weapon fighting.[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Requires base CL 11 for casters. Base no item or materia boosting items.[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Deals aether damage dealing 2d6 aether damage. Will save dc23 to receive effects (Silenced > Shakened > Sickened > Agtagonized) in that order.
  • [color=#ffffff]Needs oricalcum weapons Kit to created.[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Takes a full 8 hours to sharpen blue Spirit ore and cannot be assisted.[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]If used for piercing or bludgeoning weapon it will still need an oricalcum kit for smoothing down surfaces or making points. 2 months will still be required in production of this weapon.[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Blue spirit ore itself can be bought for 400,000 gil. It's easier to try to find it. [/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Blue spirit ore grows in veins near lifestream/aether outputs where it mingles with a specific type of ore. [/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]The ore is pure and has no impurities.[/color]
  • [color=#ffffff]Materia that is mastered in this weapon doesnt make new materia. Instead it absorbs the new materia and makes the weapon stronger. When all materia are mastered in weapon this chart is opened up for weapon.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]Adding MXP to the Weapon to further increase Bonuses for the Weapon. This is different from Enchanting the weapon. These bonuses are considered luck bonuses unless the DM says otherwise. DM also decides how many levels of each to add to each pts. Can increase the numbers for every full number met for the next level to if the DM wishes.[/color]

[color=#ffffff]Melee Users (the better damage output is more then enough):[/color]

[color=#ffffff]0/500 +1 dmg.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/2000 Increase CL by 1.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/2500 +1 atk.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/5000 Can grant you +1 AC bonus with your weapon as if you were trying to deflect a projectile or weapon with it. Does not work with magic.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/6500 Can cut through 1DR.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/10000 Each swing you perform you can absorb 5% of the damage to healing your wounds.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/12000 increase dice damage from by 1 level. [/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/8000 Grant's a +2 Ability Boost of your Choosing.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/15000 Add an additional materia
[color=#ffffff]Casters: [/color]

[color=#ffffff]0/500 +1 spell dmg.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/2000 +1 touch atk.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/2500 Can grant you +1 AC bonus with your weapon as if you were trying to deflect a projectile or weapon with it. Does not work with magic.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/4000 Can be used as a Lesser Metamagic Rod for first level. [/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/5000 Once per day a spellcaster with a blue aurasite weapon can cast one spell and spend as much mana as allotted for their level to be stored for 24 hours or until spent. The user may cast the spell from the staff as though it were a quickened spell without increasing the mana cost, or as an immediate action on a successful attack with the staff.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/5000 increase dice damage from by 5 dice regarless of limitations. [/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/6500 +20 MP[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/10000 Each time you use your staff you can absorb 5% of the damage to mp.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/8000 Grant's a +2 Ability Boost of your Choosing.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]0/15000 Add an additional materia.
[color=#ffffff]Kill count. You also gain abilities depending on the amount of kills you do with your Blue Spirit Weapon. As you have mastered it from taking your aether now it absorbs the aether of your victims and grows stronger, making you stronger. Your DM should make a chart of how to spread the wealth of power the pcs gain from this. But for example:[/color]

[color=#ffffff]10 kills +5 HP[/color]
[color=#ffffff]25 kills +10 HP, +1 DR[/color]
[color=#ffffff]50 kills +20 HP, +2 DR, +5 MP[/color]
[color=#ffffff]100 kills +35 HP, +4 DR, +10 MP, +1 Combat or Magic Feat[/color]
[color=#ffffff]and so on. [/color]

[color=#ffffff]as your legendary weapon absorbs aether it grows stronger, more dense, m[/color]ore powerful and you can tap into that power to use for yourself.

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