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Dex Dragoon Help
I just posted this in the general discussion section, but then realized it has t been active in almost a year. So I hope it’s okay to relocate here. 

TLDR: scroll down to level progression and see if you can optimize this build further for exploiting a dex based dragoon with predatory pounce and a full attack at the end of a charge (or equivalent/comparable ability) 

I’ve been working on this character for a while with a few goals in mind. I started because I wanted to make a burmecian dragoon, and since the rats get +2 to dex and the main ability is dex based I wanted to make it all around that. My next goal was to abuse the predatory pounce talent as often as possible, and my 3rd goal was to address the lack of a pounce type ability. My solutions make this’d build SUPER feat intensive. So any advice on how to make this more efficient would be welcome. 

My first goal is solved with the elven branched spear and weapon finesse. Dragoon’s are proficient with all polearms, so easy win. At level 2 I dipped 1 level into thief to get weapon finesse training and sneak attack which is relevant for goal two. 

Shatter defenses and violent display let me make enemies flat footed as an immediate action after landing a sneak attack. And I took the flexible flanker feat to make landing sneak attacks more consistent. 

The last part gets more complicated and I want to know if this even works. In trying to find a workaround to get pounce, I found pummeling charge which requires unarmed strike. I was wondering if I could add the modification “versatile design” to the branched spear to add it to the monk weapon group, then take the ascetic style feat to allow pummeling charge to use the spear. My understanding of the wording on pummeling charge is that you don’t actually have to be in the style to use it, you just need to meet the requirements, so being in ascetic style should be fine. Another possible workaround is martial versatility but I find that one less likely to work. If this doesn’t work at all and I can’t full attack after a charge, I was considering dipping 2 levels into fighter to meet the requirements for deadly stroke by the time I have a BAB of +12, since I already meet most of the requirements from getting violent display. The additional perk of that is that fighter gets the agility talent that adds 1.5 dex to our damage and cmb, and frees up feats for some focus on tripping. The trade off is that it has to be less focused on charging every round if I want to use deadly stroke. 

For more fun, the heroic landing (lightning) advanced talent “nerve wrack” is another source of applying the shaken status, and if you stack it with a successful violent display, your enemies will be frightened and flat-footed in a 30 ft area. Two other fun feats I am trying to find room for are branch pounce which adds another set of damage dice that scales with jump distance, and death from above that gives an additional +5 to attack to high jump charges. 

Here is my level by level progression. If you can find ways of making it more powerful or efficient, I would welcome feedback. 

Level 1: Dragoon 1 BaB 1 / Deadly Lancer / Jump / Weapon Focus
Level 2: Thief 1 BaB 1 / Finesse Training / Sneak Attack
Level 3: Dragoon 2 BaB 2 / Flexible Flanker / Death From Above
Level 4: Dragoon 3 BaB 3 / Armor Training / Jump / 20 Dex
Level 5: Dragoon 4 BaB 4 / Predatory Pounce / Deadly Lancer / Dazzling Display
Level 6: Dragoon 5 BaB 5 / Dragoon Training
Level 7: Dragoon 6 BaB 6 / Combat Feat (Shatter Defenses) /  Violent Display
Level 8: Dragoon 7 BaB 7 / Deadly Lancer / Armor Training / Fighter Training / 16 Cha
Level 9: Thief 2 BaB 8 / Evasion / Combat Trick (Improved Unarmed Strike) / Ascetic Style (Elven Branched Spear) / Weapon Modification (Versatile Design)
Level 10: Thief 3 BaB 9 / Finesse Training / Danger Sense / Measure the Mark / Sneak Attack
Level 11: Dragoon 8 BaB 10 / Heroic Landing (Lightning) / Jump / Pummeling Style
Level 12: Dragoon 9 BaB 11 / Sweeping Fend / 18 Con
Level 13: Dragoon 10 BaB 12 / Yellow Dragon Scales / Deadly Lancer / Dragoon Training / Pummeling Charge
Level 14: Dragoon 11 BaB 13 / Springing Charge / Armor Training
Level 15: Dragoon 12 BaB 14 / Swoop of a Dragon / Skill Focus (Intimidate)
Level 16: Dragoon 13 BaB 15 / Deadly Lancer / 16 Wis
Level 17: Dragoon 14 BaB 16 / Super Jump / Branch Pounce
Level 18: Dragoon 15 BaB 17 / Dragoon Training / Jump
Level 19: Dragoon 16 BaB 18 / Nerve Wrack / Deadly Lancer / Anatomical Savant
(12-16-2018, 05:24 AM)K1llerKatfish Wrote: Update: ascetic style does not work because of the rule about style feats. Any feat with a style feat as a pre-requisite can only be used when you are in the associated stance. Martial Versatility seems like it will work though. Use it to make pummeling charge use all weapons in the monk or close group, then use versatile design to put elven branch spear into that group. Can anyone confirm?

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