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Difference between "Forewarned" and "Immune to Surprise"?
I'm making a Astrologian (Oracle) for a game, and I realized that the two ability (might???) conflict:

Astrologian 2: Forewarned
"At 2nd level, the astrologian can always act in the surprise round even if she fails to make a Perception roll to notice a foe, but she is still considered flat-footed until she takes an action."

Oracle 12: Immunity to Surprise
"At 12th level, the oracle’s sensitivity to danger is so great that she is never surprised. She can always take a standard action during a surprise round, unless she is physically restrained from doing so. If there is no surprise round, then this ability doesn’t help."

Could somebody help me see where there isn't overlap in these two abilities?
I replaced Immunity to Surprise with Momentary Glimpse.

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