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Materia Exp question
If I have a piece of Materia that is level 1 or higher in a non magical weapon, does it still gain exp? I'm a little fuzzy on the details of materia.
Yeah, slotted Materia always gains MXP, and functions at whatever level your weapon allows. For non-magical this means it wouldn't function, but can still gain MXP.

Still, you can't just load up a bandolier of daggers with materia and level it up, only gear used in combat can be counted for MXP.
That raises another question though, if you swap out weapons...such as one dagger for another...will they both can xp and is it the same amount or is it divided up. Example. You get 20 MXP and used one dagger...say you swapped out and used two daggers, would they both get 20MXP or just 10? I actually have a guy using multiple gunblades, and through a homebrew, i am infused with materia a la Advent Children.
They'd all gain the full MXP as long as you use them, its up to the GM to outline how much is 'using' them. Would a guy with quick draw that throws 20 daggers get MXP for all of them? Probably shouldn't just cause he can go through a lot more weapons in one fight...

I'd personally limit it to two weapons, since the most someone would have is two with Two-Weapon Fighting, and you'd have to use them for more than a round each.

But again, it's all personal calls when it gets to that point.

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