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Girls are healers?
I can't seem to think of any FF Males being the designated healer in an FF game... I know that many of the games remove the designation of roles: FFVI anyone can cast ANY spell, FFX each guardian could go down the White Magic path of the sphere grid...

But for games WITH designation of class (and even others where there isn't a DESIGNATION but a suggestion of role) a girl is a healer... Rosa, Garnet/Eiko, Aeris (to a lesser extent, but hey... she was the healer), Yuna... ALL girls.

Can anyone think of a male character that was (supposedly) meant to be the primary healer?
Minwu from II. the only cannon one, near as I can tell.
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Last night I thought about Banon which is a good argument. Kinda wished he served more of a staple for the game. Though I suppose for some people he makes up the 1/4 of the most leveled party lol.

So I guess this still leaves a question: Is healer as a feminine role supposed to signify something? You could argue that White Mages are both essential (as in you HAVE to have one) and also a detriment to the party (aside from healing there isn't much for them to do)- I am speaking from the video game perspective (since w/ d20 White Mage can be pretty boss at holy dmg too).

I think there may be an argument for Rosa and also MAYBE Garnet/Dagger for having a misogynistic flavor to their background and character but Yuna I wouldn't say is an un-empowered woman...?

Maybe this shouldn't be a discussion of this topic. I worry it will be offensive or upset people.
I think it may come down to more of Japan's culture. Many of their folktales, anime, and shows feature men as the Warriors, and when they are injured in battle, there is usually a woman to heal them. It was probably more natural (and easier to have a love interest) for them to have a female as the one helping the warrior in battle.

That being said, I don't think this would (should) offend anyone. My ex and I were the opposite. She loved the destruction of the Dark Knight and Black Mage (and I'm talking, like, me getting a random text saying "I am covered from head to toe in blood...none of which is mine" when she played), and I generally play as a support (Black/White, Red, or Scholar...mmm...Scholar). It's just more of to do with personality when it comes to individuals.
Yes, individual preference for characters may extend beyond the girl/heal and boy/destroy (lol- that last one rhymes). I like status ailments... Very sad that they generally don't work very well in the video games (or against Tonberrys in d20! WTF! My enfeebling blue mage was bonk vs the kitchen knife of doom) since any boss worth using them against is immune and against the little guys they don't exactly become a necessity... But OH! I love the blinded muted imped little buggers struggling to be effective... Not that without those things they were a threat... they were just... you know... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! IMP!!!

But those other roles tend to run the gamut. Blue mage has male and female reps in the V.G.s, Black Mage, Soldiers, Thief, Villainous Mages!

Of course I bet Banon is nudging me with an elbow telling me to STFU! Because he REALLY enjoys that FF Healer Convention Smile lol

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