Poll: Summon Death Battle
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Your challengers are above and you have to decide who would win in a FF battle between these two!
Rydia, especially if we go with the DS version's abilities. Unlike Yuna, Rydia has black magic (and thereby Death available), and with the Piercing Magic and Fast Talker augments, she'll get it off before Yuna's able to do anything herself, or even if Yuna was to get up a Reflect, then Piercing Magic takes care of that.
The leveling system in FFX allowed every character to gain every ability, eventually... so Yuna could easily have Death as well. In X-2 Yuna can even swap between classes on a whim, though she loses her Summoning ability for that one so we'll leave it be.

When looking at the Summons themselves, which would be doing the majority of the fighting in a Summon battle, Rydia's show up mometarily for a single, albeit massive attack. Yuna's fight in her and her party's stead, basically giving her a dozen lives to burn through plus the damage they'll deal along the way before Rydia can really touch her.
Yeah, I went with dairius on this... Yuna's Aeons make an additional target/fighter. I like Rydia more as a character (she didn't have an awkward laughing scene! though Yuna does have that lesbian topless kissing scene with laura croft... hmmm... choices) but I think Yuna would get victory more often than not.

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