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Custom Content
So I want all of your opinions. When it comes to putting out homebrew for the FFD20 system, would you guys prefer a straight formatted forum post, or would you prefer something like a word document or a pdf.

Reason I am asking is, transferring data from notepad to the forum is a pain in the but, mainly because after copy and pasting you usually end up having to reformat the whole thing. But I want to get my content out to everyone in a way that works for you guys, so let me know.
Im glad this is asked. I prefer to put mine on pdf cause i can customize it and make it nifty. I havent done formatting on forums since...like 07. So i don't remember the coding for stuff.

So i'll say some sort of file attachment like a pdf or wordpad. Just because of easier customization and if we do like it, we have it on hand.

(You should probably make this a poll?)
Personally just cause I use this content so much offline, having a ready to use document is nice to have...if need be I can always C&P, but being there already is nice. You guys do an awesome job of making custom content for us regardless.
I as well prefer pdfs, since i have no wifi at home, and my phone is wifi-dependent Smile

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