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Need 2 monsters
Pretty conflicted on where I should post this but I guess here is fine?

Ok, so tonight in my group, we are doing a dungeon and I need 2 monsters, they can be custom or from the bestiary, I don't care.

Here is the scenario for the fight:
There are going to be 3 major mobs and 4 "mooks".
Major Mob 1 is the "Boss", hes a 4th level Galka Knight
Major Mobs 2 and 3 - CR3 Henchmen, they can be anything, but they need some sort of physical DR. I would prefer that they are not flans since I have already used flans quite a bit up till now haha.

The 4 mooks are probably just goin to be golbins or kobolds, just for a distraction really.

The party Consists of:
3rd Level Gria Holy Knight
3rd Level Mithra Fell Knight
3rd Level Hume Engineer
3rd Level Varg Gunner
3rd Level Caster may join in if I feel his presence will be worthwhile to the story.

This encounter is inside a mine, so bonus points if the monsters fit well there. Tongue
While they don't have any physical DR, Bombs ( work pretty well in a mine. And are CR 3.
With an Engineer and Gunner though the main threat- exploding in the frontliners' faces, is almost entirely lost.
Hmm thanks for the suggestion, probably gonna use a few bombs so this might work out.

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