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Who else here is pumped?

Back to traveling a world map, in a car no less.

Camping out in the great outdoors with chocobos and horrific monsters creeping around.

Beautiful immense modern cities.

That fashion.

That combat system.

We'll see. Its looking like an action rpg than a classic rpg.
As long as it can keep the feel Final Fantasy, I don't care what they do with it mechanics wise. The series uses a lot of innovation and every one is different.

I especially like that they use what look like the classical monster sprite designs for a few of the monsters.

Kind of do want a new console game that's a bit more like Bravely-Default gameplay wise, though.
It isn't that it's an action RPG alone that sets me off, it's that it really doesn't... feel like a Final Fantasy currently. I don't really like the fact that it's basing itself heavily off of Earth, it's kind of annoying. But we'll how it turns out I suppose.
While im heavily stoked for it, im scared. Me and the boys was stoked for XIII and it was disappointing. Given that ive been playing them on steam now as i never finished XIII on console, just to have them under my belt. Im afraid of all the hype and it be a let down but yeah.

I'm actually pre ordering the collectors of type 0. I have played alot of it myself already by other means and it was superb. Once it comes out i may even try to begin a campaign based around type 0, or at least the idea. Which we should know then what to look forward to for XV is since it will have the demo.
I'm curious about Type 0. But unsure if I want to buy it.
(01-15-2015, 04:57 PM)Viladin Wrote: I'm curious about Type 0. But unsure if I want to buy it.

I say its like Kingdom hearts and crisis core had a baby. And Pop came type-0. You get 14 characters to level up and reserve for each mission and you can go back and re do missions to level up. Its actually very grindy, at least thats if you want to level all 14 characters at once. The story was great, and i think Ace can add a decent class idea.

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