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Looking for group, might be convinced to start one otherwise
I currently work 5 days a week, and it's never the same schedule. As such it's hard to find a group. I was looking into doing a game with my friends over facebook messenger, and they're all interested, but they're all also too lazy to come up with a character, because I can't arrange a night to do it in person as I'm living out of state for a year.

If there are any play-by-post games going around, I'm super intersted, I can post multiple times a day, I just can't commit to a schedule.

On the other hand, I might run a game, although I'm anxious as I've never run PF before. I'd do it either over Skype or FB messenger, preferably Skype with strangers.
If you happen to run a campaign, I would be interested in joining in on the fun. I just found this delightful assortment of pathfinder FF material, and am itching to try and take some delight out of it. Normally though I can only game Saturday mornings, or Sundays with a variation of Tuesday being an off day.

Have you considered using to host the game, and skype or google hangouts as the client if you do it?
I know it's never popular to admit but I don't like roll20. The interface is complicated for me and I don't need to have maps.

The game would be play by post, and people posting when they can instead of arranging everybody to be online at once, which is difficult to do in my situation.

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