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An Idea Kicking Around In My Head.
While I'm slowly converting FFd20 Monsters to Pathfinder, and causing mages to scream in rage and fright at the thought of a nerf... I was thinking of an optional system similar to FFXIII's crystarium system in which players as they level get points that they can spend in minor (very minor) statistics, for example... like additional hit points, skill points, magic points, etc. Not any attribute, armor class, saving throws, or the like, but minor stuff (though one can say that magic points aren't minor, but I digress).

The way it works is upon a level, a player gains... let's say... "destiny points" equal to the amount of modifiers of all your abilities, including penalties. For example, if you had a lvl 1 Fighter with 18 str, 12 dex, 16 con, 10 int, 12 wis, 8 cha, he would gain, upon gaining level 2, 8 destiny points in which he can immediately spend. It may cost 5 destiny points to gain additional hit points, or for a different example, perhaps spend 2 destiny points to reroll a HP roll, 3 destiny points to reroll 1s. Etc.. etc.

Any thoughts?
Eh, the idea has some merit though I think a more linear method of gaining points would be better. What happens in those games where people roll stats and one guy gets like 4 18s a 15 and a 14 and another gets like 3 12s an 8 and a 10? Sure such a situation seems extreme for an example but I've seen it so many times that it's not even funny.
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What you are talking about Vil is an award system. "Dude, you made a level. Here is some candy." It should be static and not based on ability scores that further reward high rolls that are already rewarding but things everybody can use. Already we reward with gil, magic items, power, and prestige. I like it. It could add to a character's success. How about each level you give 6 destiny points or if your players like to roll dice roll a d10? You could use them like the favored class bonuses or save them to burn in the adventure. Burn one as a free action before the result of a die roll is known for a +2 destiny bonus to the roll. A +2 translates as a 10% bump which is not much but the player gets to choose when to use it and how many times is a roll missed by just a little bit? This would be easy to play test in an existing game too. "You open the chest to find (# of pc) potions. Once consumed you gain x# of destiny points..." Let it run it's course. If it was fun throw more in later. If not or if it unbalances or something there never see another one again. Go for it Vil and let us know how it turns out.

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