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FFXIII-ish system
I like the idea of changing roles in the middle of combat, so I am working on a system that will take advantage of this.

The roles:

Attacker-Dealing damage, pure and simple (Commando and Ravager)
Defender-Preventing damage and covering allies (Sentinel)
Controller-Negative effects on enemy (Saboteur)
Supporter-Positive effects on allies (Medic and Synergist)
Assister-Indirect abilities-DOT, Pure/Dispel, Summoning...

Every class has skill tree(s) dedicated to every role, but every class usually specializes in 2 or 3 roles. (Mages are great Attackers and Controllers, but their Support skills are mostly some minor power boosts)

You can switch your role every other turn.

What do you guys think?
This will be it's own system?

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Completely new system inspired by FFXIII.

I'm taking D&D, and changing everything until it doesn't remind you of D&D anymore.Tongue

The first step is removal of Ability Score. Instead you have elemental affinities.

Based on your class each power/defense is connected to an elemental affinity. Every ability is physical, mental or energy, and every ability has an elemental. Basically every ability gets two bonuses, and the same goes for defense.
I'm not really a big fan of FF13. In fact, I don't know anyone who is. It does have a fairly good combat system, but are you sure you have a (metaphorical) market for this?

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I don't really know, but I'm making it for myself, and if anyone wants to use it that would be great.Smile

I've never played FFXIII, but I did some research, and the combat system is amazing.

I am thinking of splitting abilities in three groups:

Techniques that use weapons
Magic that uses implements(I might change this)
Skills that use tools
I really like this idea. However, you would have to restrict the system to 1-3 players because of how the different roles interact with eachother. You might have some guy stick to Sentinel to tank out every battle.

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