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Soldier changes? - Gregaman - 07-15-2018

Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this, but it's kind-of a suggestion too?

Making Soldiers Mako Infusions into Alchemist's Mutagen from Pathfinder kind-of ruined the archetype for me, and I can't even find where in the updates that changed. I understand that a lot of people might've thought that the way infusions worked before was overpowered, but I don't feel like that warrants taking one of the biggest draws of the class and shredding it to a shadow of its former self.

My suggestion: A less intense nerf.

Soldiers always seemed to me to be more of something that is supposed to get stronger overall. The mutagen update to them implies that they're not genetically created or mutated supersoldiers, but instead, alchemically buffed mutants that only gain their benefits temporarily.

The class in question seems to make it really easy to munchkin as it was, and I understand that. The mutagen update fixes that innate problem with the class but raises an issue when you look at Soldiers from Final Fantasy. I understand not wanting to make every Soldier player into Sephiroth, but when you look at characters like Sephiroth, it's hard to imagine them injecting themselves with steroids before every fight, and it makes it seem incredibly mundane.

I don't expect the class to revert back to what it was. It was just super jarring to go look at it for a recent campaign someone was going to run, only to need my GM to give me express permission to use the old version from memory, especially when there's no explanation anywhere.

RE: Soldier changes? - Viladin - 07-16-2018

There wasn't an easy fix for the old Mako Infusion ability. Had to nerf it down and the Mutagen ability from Alchemists seem like a good choice to me, to emulate what I thought the Mako Infusion should be.

RE: Soldier changes? - Gregaman - 07-16-2018

I can understand that, I guess. I just feel like it could've gone through a nerf like it had in the past again. Perhaps make it so its old benefit instead worked at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 20th level. That would make it so the -1 to a mental stat is functionally removing the Ability Score Increase that the player gets every 4 levels, and the Soldier can only ever get a maximum of +10 in their stats from Mako Infusions. Of course, I'm only spitballing here in hopes that one of my favorite archetypes isn't made into something I won't want to touch ever again.

Of course, that's only my opinion. I do appreciate your quick response, too. That being said, the old page for Soldiers can still be accessed with the Internet Archive, so I don't really mind either way if it's changed back or not. My usual group of players and GMs is usually really open about what the players get to use.

Also, feel free to take my suggestions with a grain of salt. I am still very new to the nature of balancing things for a tabletop setting.

RE: Soldier changes? - Viladin - 07-16-2018

Balancing is a slippy slope. Often, I tend to overbalance things because I view it all in a GM-mindset.

RE: Soldier changes? - RedDingo777 - 11-30-2019

Call it Mako Surge and describe it as the body overtaxing its reserves of Mako energy.