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Malboro Ecology and Tactics - RedDingo777 - 10-28-2015


Environment any forest, swamp, or jungle

Treasure malboros keep a treasure horde approx. 3,350 gil in value located in a nest hidden within 600ft (Survival check DC 20). This cache is composed of mundane gear, coins, non magical treasure, masterwork gear, and, at most, one minor magical item from the creatures they've consumed. PCs might also find a map or some other form of intelligence amongst these affects.

Organization solitary


Before Combat in forested areas, a malboro will attempt to ambush its prey. Upon a successful Stealth check, it will use its Vine Tendrils to grapple the PCs from 30 feet away.

During Combat if it successfully grappled the entire party, the malboro will pull the closest creature grappled to Feed itself with. If there are still PCs on the ground, the malboro will either attempt to grapple them with its remaining Vine Tendrils or, if all four are occupied, it will use Bad Breath on a readied action against the larges group of PCs in range. If it's Bad Breath is in cool off it will either bite or cast Bio depending on its targets' position and grouping.

Morale upon being lowered below 50 hit points, the malboro will attempt to flee, spending whatever available uses of Bad Breath and/or Bio on its attackers to aid in its escape.