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Community Playtesting - NeloAngelo - 05-22-2015

Hi there, i had a neat idea and thought it'd be cool, if anyone who has made a Community Created class in the forum and would like to test it out, could come here to ask for help. Perhaps just get a group together to run mock combats and the like with classes to test them out and see what we can do to fix them and make them better. Also a neat way to encourage anymore ideas for classes. While it sounds like it might not be needed i thought id be nice and make the intuitive for it. I wouldn't mind helping out with play-testing someones class with others on sundays or mondays if im available.

Nothing commitment wise. No true GM, just a get together to work on a class you think would be beneficial to the community. Not a contest. Just helping out and having fun.

RE: Community Playtesting - Biyama - 02-07-2016

We need an onion knight

RE: Community Playtesting - Biyama - 02-07-2016

On an unrelated note to my previous comment I have started work on an astrologian class but it needs much work ATM.

RE: Community Playtesting - Luphey - 02-09-2016

I made an onion knight, not sure if the post on here has been updated, but soon as i finish up in the campaign im playing him in im gonna do a final update.

RE: Community Playtesting - Biyama - 02-09-2016

arrrg, turning a prestige based off of multiple weak mechanics into a class is hard xD

RE: Community Playtesting - Manly Man - 02-09-2016

You're welcome to have a go at any of the initiator archetypes that I have on my Community Creations thread for them.