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Some Class concepts I have - NeloAngelo - 03-30-2015

There some thats plagued my mind that im either too lazy to try my hand at or think im un-fit to make them.

Two Specifically are Azure Dragoon and Weapon Master

Azure Dragoon: A Prestige for Dragoon Class that offers Jump Techniques for added effect on Jumps

Spine-shatter Dive: Jump Stuns on a failed Fort save
High Jump: Switch the DCs for Long and High Jumps for the next Jump Attack.
Life Surge: Heal 50% of the physical damage dealt on the next Jump Attack (and only from the jump/deadly lancer/ damage.
Dragonfire Dive: 50% of the physical damage dealt on the next jump attack erupts in a fiery wave in a burst centered around the dragoons target square in a 10ft radius that also inflicts burning. Reflex save for half and to ignore burning.
Adding in Deadly lancer damage in between them and some other buffs might be fine too but thats all ig to for it. Tried to base it around the FF14 dragoon obviously.

Weapon Master is Trickier as it came to mind after playing FF15 demo. Was thinking maybe as a Archetype for Fighter.

Master of Weapons: The weapon master chooses 5 Weapons he can master. 1 at 1st level and 1 more at levels 5th 10th, 15th and 20th. He treats these as chosen weapons and through a mystical force may manifest them in his hands and demanifest them back into his weapon pool. This is a move action unless the Weapon master has the Quick Draw feat.

Techs: Simply put add in some techniques every time he gets a new weapon that corresponds to the type of weapon he decides to master.

Limit Breaks: Not sure besides maybe Manifesting his weapons at will and in between full round attacks if he wanted. Would be good if got paired with Omnislash?

As i said these are just concept ideas i had thought of on my off time, might be dumb might be good, thats why i brought it here. Thoughts?

RE: Some Class concepts I have - darrel378 - 03-30-2015

Hmm, that dragoon sounds interesting, although if you really want it based off XIV, then there should be techniques based on your position compared to the target. You know, flanking, frontal assault, rear. Dragoon and Monk are the ones with those kinda things, right?

Master of Weapons sounds like the title for Firion, at least to me. They probably should get quick draw as a bonus feat. Being able to switch weapons between full-round attacks sounds more like a normal ability that inflicts a penalty on the users attack. Hmm...perhaps some kinda technique based on whether the weapon is the starting, finishing or center attack?

Just some thoughts. I really like them otherwise.

RE: Some Class concepts I have - NeloAngelo - 03-30-2015

Those things could be fine with it. Was thinking a new tech at 2nd and every 2 levels after and the others raise the deadly lancer up and whatever els between that could be added..wasnt even sure about a limit break.

Yeah i had a thought about firion too, so his stuff could be added in as well, but since i was basing it around the demo theres little to go on. but the idea is there. It coud very well depend on the weapon on the situation for certain bonuses only downside is the amount to keep up with.