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Golden Sun - Luphey - 11-04-2014

Would anyone be interested in a system based on the Golden Sun games? For a while I've been thinking about tossing together a few classes based on the characters , but the games have so much depth that I feel like it deserves its own system. I mostly am just curious about whether you guys are familiar with the games, and which features you liked the most.

RE: Golden Sun - silverwerret - 11-05-2014

I own all three of them, least I think they stopped with three. I like the whole linking with Djinn and class changes. Didn't someone on GitP or MinMax try to get a Golden Sun system going before? If I have the time or ambition, I will try to help ya out. Good luck.

RE: Golden Sun - Luphey - 11-05-2014

Yup there are 3. Not sure if someone already tried making a system ,but now I'm gonna look.

Edit: Did not find anything noteworthy on google.
Edit 2: Started putting a few things together.
Edit 3: Decided how Djinn are going to affect players, and started working on a fighter counterpart.

RE: Golden Sun - Fatal Rose - 11-15-2014

I'm interested. Not sure how I'd be of use though. I'm a d20 n00b.

I love GS!

RE: Golden Sun - Luphey - 03-13-2015

Had hardly any time to work on this but I will post the Squire class sometime tomorrow I hope. Have just a few more things to tweak before I ask for some criticism ha ha.

RE: Golden Sun - Luphey - 06-04-2015

Well I have been lazy with this, only have about 1/2 of squire done, if anyone is willing to help I can fill you in on some stuff.

RE: Golden Sun - silverwerret - 06-06-2015

Luphey I can try to help or at least toss around ideas. Been trying to kick around a way to junction abilites like in FFVIII as well. I imagine the class list is going to be well as just trying to figure out what the Djinn themselves do.

RE: Golden Sun - Luphey - 06-07-2015

I have condensed the class list down a bit, considering that not many of the lines change too much except for available psynergies. I will try to put together a small notes thing before tomorrow or something.

RE: Golden Sun - Luphey - 06-07-2015

Condensed Core Class List :
Golden Sun Class - Pathfinder/FFd20 Equivilent

Squire – Fighter
Guard – Knight
Tamer – Druid
Brute - Barbarian
Magician – Black Mage
Seer – Cleric
Pierrot – Bard
Scamp – Rogue
Acolyte - Monk
Elementalist – Summoner
Dragoon - Paladin

Possible Prestige Classes:
Dark Mage
Pure Mage
Crypt Lord

Races(Probably will think of more):

Ill edit this post when I get a pdf or word doc together.

RE: Golden Sun - Luphey - 06-20-2015

Here is a PDF for Squire:

Its not quite complete, seeing as I feel it needs a few more talents, and advanced talents. Though its mostly done, and yes a few of the talents reference things I haven't posted yet, like base affinity, and Unleash Checks. But feedback is nice.

Also, still looking for help on this ha ha, If you're interested, either leave a message here, or send me a PM, or shoot me a message on skype @ Luphrem.