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DM Screens - Luphey - 09-02-2014

Currently I keep all my stuff in a single spiral notebook and its not working out well so i'm making a DM screen.

If you guys use a DM screen, what do you like to put on it? What is your DM screen made of? Did you make it?

RE: DM Screens - Gizmo - 09-02-2014

I've used GM screens before. But I've used the ones created by Wizards of the Coast. Theirs has a lot of charts on the inside of the screen such as hardness for different materials and the corresponding HP. So I have found it useful for saving time during certain situations.

RE: DM Screens - CHillDice - 06-09-2017

I bought a empty DM Screen. Putting my fav art on the outside. What charts should I put on the inside, what at the best charts or lists in the book that would work well with a DM screen. I'm think DC for various tasks, cost of basic stuff, but not sure what else I should include