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Age Categories - Freeray - 08-04-2014

Something I noticed was missing awhile back, but there isn't a listing of this in ffd20. I tried looking up the general life span of some of the races, and outside of Humes and Dwarves (for obvious reasons), I really only found one for the Aegyl. Who have a 40 year life span. It's just something that seems important, taking into consideration the one Nu Mou feat that requires the character toe over 100.

RE: Age Categories - timtheenchanter - 08-24-2014

I would like this as well.
Though on the note of Nu Mou, The FFWikki states that they live 3x as long as humes, so that at least gives a frame of reference.

RE: Age Categories - Viladin - 08-24-2014

On a list of things to do.

RE: Age Categories - arch9angel - 03-07-2019

I think the tarutaru life spans are way to short.