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Octoforce & Assist Feat
This was made about 7 years ago after the relic shards that I made.
The combination of Relic of Riptide, Inferno, Gales, Thunders, Arctic, Sands, Darkness & Heavens

[Image: 77d079fb817c94a6721601d3ba1dfedd_400x400.png]

This Major Artifact floats around the user having an AC of 32 (Cannot be Touch or Flatfooted), a Hardness of 15, a HP of 250 and DR of 10. It also has a wall of force around it that regenerates each turn that can soak up to 30 damage. The Octoforce can be passes from one ally to the next as a full-round action if they are within 5' of the holder. If the Octoforce reaches 0 HP it breaks apart into its force shards and becomes inactive for 24 hours, it cannot not be healed either but can be protected. 

Slotless Item Slot: 

Ability I:
Octo Destruction: Does a cone affect of 5d6 element damage of 4 types of elements (you can choose the elements each time you use it) damage. At level 10 this increases to 10d6, 15 this increases to 15d6 and 20 this increases to 20d6. The Attack happens instantaneously and the target/s get no save. 

Cannot use the following after Octo Destruction has been used  for 2d4 rounds for recharge rate (during Cool down the Ability acts as if you are still using it):
Ability III

Ability II:
The user can change to any of the 5 jobs he or she has but must select the 5 of the 8 shards to chose as the primary jobs.

1 Relic- Full-round Action to Change
2 Relic- Standard Action to Change
3 Relic- Movement Action to Change
4 Relic- Swift Action to Change
5 Relic- Free Action to Change
6 Relic- Immediate Action to Change

Ability III:
Grants all members Haste, Regeneration 10, Fast Heal 15, Force Shield 5/10/15/20 (Depending on level 5/10/15/20), Blinkaga, Protectga III, Shellaga III, Resist all elemental types 20. All allies gain this benefit within a 15' radius. 

Lasts for 1d6+2 rounds requires 1d3 rounds to cool down in between. 

Ability IV:
immunity to all atmospheric changes, +15 movement speed, Breath Weapon (1d6 for each element not including non elemental), Dark Water Damage 10d8+20 (again depending on level) for attack 3/4 damage of Dark Water goes into the Temporary HP bar, DR 15 within a 20' radius. 

Lasts for 2d4 rounds requires 1d3 rounds to cool down in between.

Note: Two abilities can be used simultaneously with an Octoforce. Buffs do not stack with multiple Octoforces. 
Constantly Active on user only

Auto Revive, Auto Stabilize, Fast Healing 2, Rainbow Spikes 1D4 of (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Thunder, Light and Darkness) per hit against user, DR 10, Force Protection 10

Effects from Constantly Active get replaced with Abilities when used. They do not stack.


Assisting Feat:

Flexible Feat-
Prereq: Class Changing Ability Item, Level 5, only odd leveled feats (5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19).
You can choose up to 5 feats (as you get the jobs) that will take up to this one feat slot that will change as you class change depending on your class. You must meet all prerequisites for those feats however. This feat can be taken multiple times. 

Note: Only one feat may be used per job. You cannot use two feats in Flexible Feat for the same job.
Note: Cannot use class bonus feat for this feat.

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