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Traits & Feats for Craft Crystals
[Image: 0bc960d1b7558b65759e06dab4fe79e9.jpg]

These will greatly help the use of crystal finding and power uses for crystal items. Check the 
"Tier I Shard Wonderous" for how to strengthen items with the unstable crystals or the Crystal Crafting- A New Type of Crafting to see how much easier it is to farm crystals with feats and traits. 


Increased Crystals:
With this trait your chances of gaining shards/Crystals/clusters are higher. On all gathering checks all dice to collect as one dice higher. For shards the zero percent chance is now a 1d2 for gather and improved gather. The crystals mischance is now a 0-25 on gather & 0-30 on improved gather and a cluster mischance is 0-45 on gather & 0-50 on improved gather.

Credit @Fortheseen#5368


Crystal Gathering
Prereq- Craft Crystals 1 Rank, Survival 1 Rank
While outside you may come into contact with crystals growing from a mining point even if it is a small point. Gain a +2 to survival checks when looking for crystals. [DC 15 to start the rolling of percentage dice. For each number above 15 add +1 to the d100 roll] You can do this up to 1+ Wis Mod times per day.

GM rolls 1d3 followed by a d100:
prereq level 1-6 (1) Shards 0-40 nothing, 41-60 1d2, 61-80 1d4, 81-90 1d4+1, 91-95 2d4, 96-100 3d4+2, 100+ 5d4+4
prereq level 1-12 (2) Crystals 0-50 nothing, 51-65 1d2, 66-80 1d4, 81-90 1d4+1, 91-95 2d4, 96-100 3d4+2, 100+ 4d4+3
prereq level 1-17 (3) Clusters 0-65 nothing, 66-80 1d2, 81-90 1d4, 91-95 1d4+1, 96-100 2d4, 100+ 3d4+2 (+1 Cracked Cluster)

Normal 0-70 nothing 71-90 1d2, 91-95 1d3, 96-100 1d4

Crystal Gathering (Improved)-
Prereq- Crystal Gathering
When fighting beastmen or monsters that are attuned to a certain type of element there is a chance that you might be able to harvest crystals from within their bodies. [DC 20 to start the rolling of percentage dice. For each number above 20 add +1 to the d100 roll] You can do this up to 1+ Wis Mod times per day.

GM rolls 1d3 followed by a d100:
prereq level 1-6 (1) Shards 0-30 nothing, 31-60 1d4, 61-80 1d4+1, 81-90 2d4+1, 91-95 3d4, 96-100 4d4+2, 100-110 6d4+3 111+10d4+10
prereq level 1-12 (2) Crystals 0-40 nothing, 41-65 1d4, 66-80 1d4, 81-90 1d4+1, 91-95 2d4+1, 96-100 3d4, 100-110 4d4+2, 111+ 8D4+6 
prereq level 1-17 (3) Clusters 0-55 nothing, 56-80 1d2, 81-90 1d4, 91-95 1d3, 96-100 1d4, 100-110 2d4 (+1 Cracked Cluster), 111+ 3D4+1 (+1D3 Cracked Clusters)

Normal Encounters: 
CR 1-7 Drops Shards

0-60 nothing 61-80 1d2 81-90 1d4 91-95 1d4+1 96-100 1d6

CR 6-13 Drops Crystals
0-70 nothing 71-90 1d2 91-95 1d4 96-100 1d4+1

CR 12-18
0-80 nothing 81-95 1d2, 96-100 1d4

Crystal Manipulation-
Prereq: 3 ranks of Craft Crystals, Crystal Gathering
Allows you to craft shards, crystals & cluster items, armour, weapons and equipment at a -2 to all dc checks. This bonus is increased further by another -1 for every 4 levels afters the first level (this feat is not retroactive if you take it at later levels).

Unstable Focus-
Prereq: Level 7, INT 16+
You are able to incorporate unstable crystals into any crystal item, weapon, armour, equipment, etc. To do this you look at the total of one type of crystal type and add 25% (rounding up to at least 1) more unstable elements to it. Example for all three types (3 fire, 1 wind clusters, 3 fire, 3 wind, 3 water, 3 earth, 2 lightning, 2 dark, 2 light, 2 ice crystals, 1 water and 1 lightning shards) (4 clusters, 20 crystals, 2 shards) (1 unstable cluster, 5 unstable crystals, 1 unstable shard). Now before you activate an item you must roll a d20 to see if you are in the safe range for it to work. If the item does damage, it does triple the elemental damage to the user if you roll between a 1-7 on a d20. If it's a status effect the status effect in turn is effected by you and the DC is increased by 6. If it's a skill, nothing happens. Bonuses are applied to the following:

Status effects- +6 DC
Atk stat- tripled
AC bonus- doubled
DR- doubled
Resistance- doubled
Skill bonus- tripled
Feat time limit- tripled
Enhanced time limit- tripled
Extra Attack- doubled
Elemental Damage- Tripled
Temp HP- tripled
Movement- doubled
Healing- tripled
Mana Recovery- tripled

Unstable Crystal Mayhem-
Prereq: Unstable Focus, Level 13, INT 16+
If you hit on the number that detonates the unstable crystal or cluster it affects all targets in a 5' radius of you. Reflex save 23 for half damage.

Unstable Power-
Prereq: Unstable Crystal Mayhem, Level 14, INT 16+
Subtract your Intelligence modifier from the negatives of the unstable crystal or cluster when crafting with it (Minimum 1).

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