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Alchemical Items Add Ons
Tier 2 add ons-
Brown Curtain- immunity to all earth damage  for 1d6 rounds
Green Curtain- immunity to all wind damage for 1d6 rounds
Clear Curtain- immunity to all water damage for 1d6 rounds
Silver Curtain- immunity to all light damage for 1d4 rounds
Black Curtain- immunity to all dark damage for 1d4 rounds

Suggested by DMLeibfrid & Thorne
Tier 1

Hypello Potion- Grants a +2 saving throw against the berserk status effect for 1 hr.

Tier 2 

Foul Liquid- Removes daze from target.

Tier 3

Rename Bomb's Wrath to Fire Fang.
Blue Fang- deals 15d8 ice damage in a 20' radius. Blizzaga
Aquara Mote- deals 15d8 water damage in a 20' radius. Waterga
Aeroga Mote- deals 15d8 wind damage in a 20' radius. Aeroga
Lightning Fang- deals 15d8 lightning damage in a 20' radius. Thundaga
Earth Fang- deals 15d8 earth damage in a 20' radius. Stonega
Dark Mote- deals 15d8 dark damage in a 20' radius. Darkaga
Magic Tag- Removes Zombie (have this item only heal The zombie effect)
Mega Potion- Heals all allies in a 5 ft radius 5d6+10- Cura- 4,500 gil
Muscle Stimulant- increases Strength to +6 Str for 3 minutes. 
Reflex Enhancer- increases Dexterity to +6 Dex for 3 minutes 
Toughness Enhancement- increases Constitution to +6 Con for 3 minutes.
Enlightened Knowledge- increases Intelligence to +6 Int for 3 minutes.
Sage's Temperament- increases Wisdom to +6 Wis for 3 minutes.
Potent Politics- increases Charisma to +6 Chr for 3 minutes.

Tier 4

Mega Phoenix- Can revive a fallen ally from up to a week ago to full full hp and mp.
Al Bhed Potion- Cures 5d6+10 and also cures petrify and poison. 

By DMLeibfrid

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