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Seeress deific order
[Image: mQaM4fZ9gKd4NImRwB0BwuMx7dZja_lLX-1d9Q-y...360BeIsF1-]
Of the followers of the death goddess Etro, few are given the same kind of opportunity for the spread of Her faith as the dedicated clergy who demonstrate Etro’s well-meaning power through overwhelming precognitive and temporal abilities.

In the Goddess’ Image (Ex): All seeresses who are brought into the world are crafted by the goddess Herself, and bear a truly uncanny resemblance to Etro’s visage. Any and all seeresses are female, and if they are under some form of shape-changing effect, their forms are always female, whether they wish it or not.

Deity’s Favored Weapon: A seeress is proficient with bows (shortbows, longbows, and greatbows).

Limit Breaks (Su): At 1st level, the seeress receives Limit Breaks (For the Love of Etro and Valhalla).

For the Love of Etro (Su): This Limit Break allows the seeress to channel a portion of Etro’s power through her body and mind to see clear glimpses of the near future, projecting these visions from her eyes for others to see. All allies who can see her, save the seeress herself, are granted a +2 insight bonus to AC and Reflex saves + an additional +2 bonus for per four cleric levels after 1st for a duration of 1 round + 1 round per four cleric levels after 1st. This limit break requires only a swift action.

Valhalla (Su): This Limit Break briefly opens the gates to Etro’s home, the plane of Valhalla. A place where time has no meaning, and the only law is that the strong rule the weak. By loosening the chains that bind Etro’s gate shut, the chaos and temporal distortion is allowed to seep in ever so slightly, in the hopes that it grants the seeress’ helpers the strength to prove their enemies’ weakness. The seeress and all  allies within a range of Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels) are given an insight bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and critical confirmation rolls equal to the seeress’ Wisdom modifier. Also, they are granted a haste effect and an extra standard or move action every round. These effects last for a number of rounds equal to 1 + 1 round for every four levels beyond 1st.

Spells: A seeress casts astromancy spells which are drawn the astrologian spell list. A seeress begins play with 2 1st level astromancy spells of her choice. At each new cleric level, she gains one new spell of any spell level or levels that she can cast (based on her new cleric level). Like most mages, a seeress can find or purchase scrolls with spells to add to her repertoire.

To learn or cast a spell, the seeress must have a Wisdom score equal to at least 10 + the spell level (Wis 11 for 1st-level spells, Wis 12 for 2nd-level spells, and so forth). The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a seeress’ spell is 10 + the spell level + the seeress’ Wisdom modifier. In addition, a seeress gains additional MP for having a high attribute (Wisdom).

Skills: A seeress adds Use Magic Device to her list of class skills. In addition, she gains a bonus on Knowledge (planes) checks equal to half her cleric level.

Deity Powers: A seeress gains the following abilities from her deity as she increases in level.

Eyes of Etro (Su): Seeresses are all given a blessing from their death goddess called the eyes of Etro, which grants them the ability to see into the future and harness other powers to aid those who they aim to teach of Etro’s dogma. At 1st level, a seeress can opt to channel a surge of her goddess’ energy through her body and soul, phenomenally strengthening her magic but risking her well-being. Doing so makes the spell function at her normal caster level +1, increasing all aspects of the spell accordingly, such as the range, damage, or duration. The sheer intensity of this energy also improves the seeress' capabilities in enhancing her magic; when using eyes of Etro, the amount of MP she can spend on a spell is determined as if she had the progression of a full caster (such as a black mage, blue mage, etcetera, up to 9th-level spells). The burst of divine power provides the magical energy needed to fuel the spell’s new cost in MP; for example, a 2nd-level seeress using this ability would treat her caster level as 3rd, which means she can spend up to 2 MP on a spell, allowing her to apply, say, Silent Spell to her 1st-level spell for free, since that feat would make the spell cost 1 more MP.

This improvement in caster level does not grant her any other benefits outside of the casting (she gains no higher level class abilities, for instance). The Overchannel feat cannot be used in conjunction with this ability.

At 4th level, the seeress increases the effective caster level granted by this ability to +2, increasing every four levels afterward to a maximum of +6 at 20th level.

This ability always increases the casting of the spell to its maximum; letting the raw power of a goddess course through your body does not lend itself to using finesse.

In any case, the usage of this ability is dangerous, and can cost the seeress her health. Whenever using this ability, she must roll a d100, with a chance of failure equal to 20% - 1% times her Wisdom modifier, to a minimum failure chance of 10%. Failing this check still allows the spell to be cast, but it costs the highest amount of MP that the new caster level would allow without the ability paying for it (in the above example, she would spend 2 MP on the spell), and the seeress loses a like number of hit points. If this expenditure of MP would take her below 0 MP, then she takes an additional 3 hit points of damage for every extra MP it spends that she does not have.

Temporal Threads (Ex): At 3rd level, the seeress has already felt the touch of her goddess and Her time-warping powers. This taste of Etro’s divinity blurs the seeress’ presence in the timeline ever so slightly, allowing similar energies to flow through her more easily. All spells of the Chronomancy school cast by the seeress reduce the total cost for metamagic applied to them by 1. This ability cannot be used in conjunction with the eyes of Etro ability.

Slow the Decay (Su): At 6th level, the seeress can take on another aspect of her goddess, this time emulating Etro’s task of keeping the time-devouring energy known as Chaos at bay. When using the eyes of Etro ability to improve a spell of the Enhancing school, the amount that the ability increases her effective caster level would affect the spell’s duration is doubled, e.g. a spell with a duration of rounds equal to her caster level that would normally be increased by 3 with the activation of the eyes of Etro instead increases the duration by 6 rounds.

If You Change the Future, You Change the Past (Ex): At 9th level, the seeress’ connection with Etro, and therefore time itself, grows ever stronger. The seeress can now learn spells from the time mage’s spell list, using her Wisdom score in place of Intelligence for learning spells and for determining their effects, although she must learn them through studying the spells directly, such as a spellbook or a scroll.

Stymie the Entropy (Su): At 12th level, the seeress’ bond with the flow of time becomes more intimate, allowing her to make it ebb and flow. The seeress and all allies within her aura of 15 feet are given a bonus on all saves against spells of the Chronomancy school equal to the extra caster levels granted by her eyes of Etro ability. Also, when either dispelling or counterspelling effects caused by a Chronomancy spell, she adds a like bonus to any checks that are made in doing so.

Love of the Goddess (Su): At 15th level, Etro’s love of the seeress is truly boundless, and offers the favored mortal better control over her powers. The seeress may use her eyes of Etro ability to fuel her spells entirely, but in doing so is not able to enhance them in any way, and does not treat her caster level as any higher than it already is. When rolling the percentile dice, the chance of failure doubles, and she loses a number of MP and hit points equal to the spell level if she fails. She must wait 10 minutes between uses of the eyes of Etro ability in this manner, though she is otherwise still able to use the ability normally in all other ways.

Halt the Chaos (Su): At 18th level, the seeress has come but mere steps from achieving her greatest potential, taking her representation of Etro ever further. She becomes immune to any and all death effects, and to all draining effects (such as ability drain, energy drain, or hit point drain). All hostile Chronomancy spells must penetrate a spell resistance of 15 + the seeress’ class level that applies only to those spells. All allies within her aura of 15 feet are granted a bonus on saving throws against death effects and drain effects equal to the extra caster levels granted by her eyes of Etro ability; this bonus does not stack with the bonus granted by stymie the entropy, should such overlapping circumstances arise.

Heart of Etro (Su): At 20th level, the seeress’ role as a facet of Etro’s very being has finally been realized. She is immune to the ill effects of aging, any spells or abilities that manipulate her age in any way, and cannot die of old age. Once per day, she can use her eyes of Etro ability to increase her effective caster level by 10 instead of the normal amount, as well as increase the DC of the spell by 3, and treat any effects based on spell level (such as dispel or esuna) as though they can affect effects up to 3 levels higher. However, when used in this manner, the seeress automatically fails her percentile roll, spending a total of 10 MP and a number of hit points equal to 15 + the spell’s original level; if she does not have 10 or more MP, then she takes an additional 5 hit points of damage for every MP below 10. She is also fatigued for one hour afterward, becoming exhausted instead if she is already fatigued, and falling unconscious if she is already exhausted.

Signing of Manly Man ~A Man~
[Image: latest?cb=20140302003446&path-prefix=protagonist]

Chaotic Good goddess of death, time, and chaos.

Born of a now-dead universe, Etro is one of three surviving deities who withstood the ordeal of the death of their home dimension and the birth of the current one. She, alongside her elder brother Pulse and younger sister Lindzei, has wandered the- relatively speaking, of course- infantile cosmos in search of a new place to call home; though they were all truly mighty divinities before, they have found that this latest universe does not suit their powers well, and so have been found wanting when attempting to create a new world from scratch. Thusly, they look for another world unto which they will offer their blessings in return for sanctuary and solace, and currently find themselves drawn to the world of Aeon Gaia. Etro's role between the three of them is to regulate the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth that all mortals follow, stem the flow of the primordial chaos as it attempts to seep into the current world, and repair the damage that the chaos inflicts upon the fabric of space-time.

Like her siblings, Etro's form is largely humanoid, but otherwise quite alien, appearing to be some kind of massive god-machine in the general shape of a woman. Though she is hardly ever seen in person, it is said that her clergy, the Seeresses, all bear some resemblance to her. Her highest-ranking cleric is the Oracle of Etro, Paddra Nsu-Yeul, who supposedly looks exactly like the death goddess, were she to be born of mortal flesh.

Etro loves all mortals, whether they worship her, scorn her, or are largely ignorant of her, and does her best to care for them. Her own following is somewhat small, but incredibly devoted: an entire holy city that follows the guidance of Seeress Yeul, who leads the people through visions granted to her by what of Etro's power courses in her veins.

Titles: Mistress of Chaos, Lady of Death, Queen of Nothing (said only by those who see her position as a death goddess in a negative light)
Home Plane: Astral (currently)
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Balance, Birth, Death, Primordial Chaos, Rebirth, Time.
Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Good, Healing, Repose, Time, Void.
Favored Weapon: Bows (longbows, shortbows, and greatbows).

Signing of Manly Man ~A Man~
Updated the Eyes of Etro ability to reflect the changes in the MP system, and also made an entry for Etro herself as a goddess for the base pantheon of FFd20. Whether or not I'll make one for Pulse and Lindzei is yet to be seen, but it may come eventually. Mostly, I'm trying to keep them within the bounds of the mythos without looking like they're trying to one-up the deities already there.

Signing of Manly Man ~A Man~

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