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Ultimate Weapon Ideas
So I recently sat down with a friend of mine and made some ultimate weapons for a campaign I'm running. I'm looking for any feedback about any aspect of these weapons. This is the first time I've tried to make something from scratch, so feedback is greatly appreciated.

Halberd -Venus gospel:
Medium weapon
1 or 2 handed
Piercing / slashing
Damage 2d10
Critical 10%x3

Weapon bonus: +10 to jump checks.

Weapon limit: Highwind – jump in to the air and come down dealing damage to all targets in a 15ft radius centered on a single target within 30ft of your original position. The central target is hit by the weapon itself with the addition of 1d6 wind damage and all the rest are hit by spears of wind damage dealing 3d8. Activate this limit with a standard action

Gunblade(marksman) – Durandal:
Medium weapon
1 handed melee, 2 handed ranged
Light medium weapon
Blade damage type slashing
Range melee
Damage 2d8
Gun damage type piercing
Range line of sight
Damage 2d6
Critical 10%x2
Weapon bonus: the wielder is treated as having a dexterity modifier of 1 higher than their own.

Weapon Limit: Couldn't come up with a limit for this weapon, so any input would be very helpful.

Longsword - Azure blade:
Medium weapon
One to two handed
Damage type slashing or piercing
Range melee
Damage 2d6
Critical range 10%x2
Weapon bonus extra 20mp

Weapon Limit: azure control. Make a melee attack on an enemy creature, on a successful hit they must make a will save, the DC for this save is equal to their spell save DC +2, on a failed save the creature treats the wielder as their ally for 1d6 rounds.

Power staff – Nirvana:
Medium light weapon
Weapon ability, cast flame strike as the D&D3.5 cleric spell
Weapon bonus, spells have their MP cost halved

Weapon limit: summoner’s maelstrom
All possible avatars are summoned, treated as the same level as the summoner’s avatar and all then perform a synchronized attack based on their levels and available abilities. Using this limit is a full round action

Buster blade – Fenrir
Medium weapon
2 handed
Range melee
Damage type slashing
Damage 3d8
Critical 10%x2
Weapon bonus: the wielder’s strength modifier is treated as if it were 1 higher.

Weapon limit: oblivion
The wielder makes an attack roll on a target and that target is subject to the effect of a disintegration spell in the D&D 3.5 set. Initiating this limit is a standard action.

Power Staff: Anima
Medium light weapon
Weapon ability: shadow blast (lvl7 spell; 10 damage/lvl, max 120)
Weapon bonus: gain 10 MP

Weapon limit: for three rounds the wielder does not need to spend MP to cast black mage spells. Activate this ability as a swift action.

Lance – spirit lance:
Light martial weapon:
Damage type piercing
Range melee
Damage 2d10
Critical 10%x3

Weapon bonus: the wielder's dexterity modifier is treated as if it were 1 higher than their own.

Weapon limit: spirit overrun – the wielder creates a spirit copy of themselves on either side of their position and all 3 perform a united charge trampling everything in an area of 15 by 90 feet. The central 5ft line covered by the wielder takes 2d10x3 damage and the spirits deal 2d8x2 damage. Targets in the area can roll a reflex saving throw DC 10 plus the wielder’s ride modifier for half damage. Activate this limit as a full round action.
Alright heres my remakes of your weapons. Not sure why you included every stat. You can just state what weapon it is and any actual changes it needs. I fixed a lot of abilities and added in what i thought fit for FF style also made all limit breaks based around their current format. Sorry for an typos and all and hope this helps.

Note: Seemed fine. However the weapon limit bothered me, it seemed more like a toned down Falling meteor. For an ultimate weapon id do the same way your going just buff it like so, kinda like an upgraded falling meteor with a lowered range. Also id keep it two handed and im treating all these as large weapons even though they are medium that way damage is kinda on its own scale.

Venus gospel (Halberd)
Medium weapon
Piercing / slashing
Damage 2d8
Critical x3

Weapon bonus: +10 to Jump checks.

Weapon limit: Highwind
As a standard actrion the wielder jump in to the air and comes down dealing damage to all targets in a 15ft radius centered on a single target within 30ft of your original position. making an attack on the target within range, and if successful, the target and all creatures within the radius take Venus Gospels melee damage and an additional 2d6 wind damage plus an additional 2d6 damage per four character levels. All creatures affected must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + half character level + Strength modifier) or fall prone.

Note:I love gunblades, also im leaving them but i dont think you need to state their stats if they are based on already made weapons tho you do you!
Made the limit for you, Durandal is lightnings gunblade so i made a limit based on her. You may like it you may hate it lol It kinda works like samurais unseen strike really.

Durandal (Gunblade(Marksman))
Medium weapon
Damage 1d8
Critical 19-20 x2
Firearm: Piercing.
Range: 80ft
Misfire: 1-2
Damage 3d6
Critical: x4

Weapon bonus: Wielder gains a +2 sacred bonus to Dexterity.

Weapon Limit: Crimson Blitz
As a standard action the wielder swings and fires Durandal at the same time, spinning in a whirlwind formation sending a wave of crimson lighting around them. The Weider makes a melee attack against all enemies within a 30ft radius of them and if successful deals melee and ranged damage to them as well as 1d6 lightning damage plus an additional 1d6 damage per four character levels. This limit breaks consumes a bullet.

Note: Changed limit wording. Also why are you stating Percentages instead of like 19-20 for critical? You might have a a house rule where on hit you role a d100 which actually sounds cool.. but anyways im just curious

Azure blade (Longsword)
Medium weapon
Damage Type: S/P
Damage 2d6
Critical range 19-20 x2
Weapon bonus: +20 MP

Weapon Limit: Azure control
Make a melee attack on an enemy creature, on a successful hit they must pass a Will save (DC:10+half character level+ spell casting modifier) or become the wielders ally for 1 round + 1 round per four character levels. This is a compulsion effect.

Note: ALRIGHT this one was pretty OP. Based it around FF13-3 the summoner garb. Gave it a ever changing damage type and change your fire strike to elementa which kinda works the same way. Also I would never half mp completely. You will regret it. I promise. Id totally go for 3 times a day though to half ONE spell. Limit break: NO. Whew. NO. But i got you. Your summoner will hate you. Making them summoner every avatar at once. Then you will hate them. You don't want Limit breaks to be "I get to 50% and i win" So i gave you grand summon.

Nirvana (Power Staff)
Medium light weapon
Damage Type: May choose elemental damage at will as a free action.

Weapon ability: Elementa:As a standard action Nirvana produces a vertical column of divine elements roaring downward. The ability deals 1d6 points of elemental damage per caster level (maximum 15d6). The caster chooses two elements for the abilities damage when casted, (Example choosing fire and lightning, Elementa deals half fire and half lightning damage.) A reflex save DC:10+ half caster level+ casting modifier) for half damage.

Weapon bonus: 3/day may as a free action half the MP cost of next spell cast.

Weapon limit: Grand Summon
The summoner may either invoke an avatars Limit break as a standard action (even without the avatar summoned) or allow the avatar to limit break itself dealing max damage possible. (No need to roll.)

Note: Changed bonus and fixed oblivion abit.
Fenrir (Buster Sword)
Medium weapon
Damage 3d8
Critical 18-20x2
Weapon bonus: Weider gains a +2 sacred bonus to Strength.

Weapon limit: Oblivion
As a standard action the wielder makes a melee attack against a target if successful the attack deals critical damage plus 1d6 non elemental damage and an additional 1d6 damage per four character levels, and releases a howling wind of cuts that deals half the total damage to all in a 15ft cone behind the target. Any creatures whose HP falls to 0 turns to dust and can only be revived by the Full Life spell.

Note: Changed wording for ability, changed bonus to fit the Anima name and gave your ability a name based on 2 hour ability of black mage from ff11. Also took out the need of black magic. Less thats your thing.

Anima (Power staff)
Medium light weapon
Damage type: Shadow
Weapon ability: The wielder is able to use the spell Shadow Blast as a supernatural ability using his own caster level for the spell.

Weapon bonus: For every 10 points of HP missing, the wielder deals an extra 1 point of shadow damage on all attacks.

Weapon limit: Manafont
As a swift action the power of magic flows through the wielder and is able to cast spells with no MP cost. This ability lasts for 1 round +1 round per four character levels. However for each round spent in Manafont the wielder is fatigued for double the rounds once the ability ends. This ability can be ended prematurely as a free action.

Note: Like spirit overrun fixed wording and made it more simple and work with the rest of limit breaks.
Spirit lance (Lance)
Light martial weapon:
Damage type: Piercing
Range melee
Damage 2d6
Critical x3

Weapon bonus: Wielder gains a +2 sacred bonus to Dexterity

Weapon limit: Spirit Overrun
The wielder creates two spirit copies of himself on either side of his position and all 3 perform a united charge trampling everything in a 15ft wide 90ft line. All enemies take 2d6 physical damage plus an additional 2d6 damage per four character levels. A reflex save (DC:10+half character level+ strength modifier) or be knocked prone.

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