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Merry Christmas, FFd20!
Merry Christmas! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Getting around to that soon.

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That pic brought up an idea. Its so bad but you guys might enjoy it,

It twas the night before Christmas. Ol saint nick was making his rounds in sky. Laying about presents for all little children to enjoy. But little did he know that a clown was giddy with joy. Lord Kefka and his soldiers, Biggs and Wedge, set out to do an most unthinkable thing. They set out to steal Christmas away.
In their magitek armor they rode into the snow. Kefka looked upon Narsh with a glow. They got out and sneaked into the town. But as they came upon their first victim Kefka looked down.
He coughed to get his mens attention. He pointed down saying" There is snow on my boots!" His men quickly went to work before they got put into another dimension.
Kefka cackled and with his men sneaked into the house. Ol saint nick hadn't made it yet he found, and so he commenced his scheme all around.
He poisoned the milk in all the houses laid out for saint nick, and waited outside for the big trick.
Saint nick came to his first stop, but Kefka knew he was about to drop.
Saint nick fell onto his back. And that when Christmas started to get jacked
Kefka set his sleigh on fire, and set the reindeer into ire.
He took his bag full of presents, put them in his magitek and made off into the night.

He set atop the mountain waiting for the sight, drinking his eggnog waiting for the night.
Morning came and he heard them all, screams that echoed the mountain walls.
before he knew it an avalanche began sweeping him off his feet and his eggnog out of his hand
His men came too, along with the presents. And they landed perfectly in the middle of the city.
He poked his head out of the snow, he saw Celes looking down on him so.
she pulled him out and instead of scolding him. And together with the town began singing a carol.
He screamed and raved" Shut up! Do i look like a green haired freak you spoony bards?!"
He then slapped Celes and gave her a crown.
And together they set fire to the town.

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