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campaign insight?
I've been looking into creating a campaign using as much as I can from ffd20. I haven't been on this forum for about a year so its been some time and I'm re reading through everything, its a process lol.

my general idea is to do an interesting mix between final fantasy games but with my own twist, my own world, ECT. So I had the idea of shinra corporation, archadien empire, and a group of freedom fighters (not avalanche I promise lol). My purpose was to generally be a story of control of the lands. You have the shinra corporation (thought about changing the name but I'm not sure yet) fighting for industrialization. The empire fighting for conquest and monarchy. And the freedom fighters who fight for the people or rather the land. I plan to let my players decide who to fight for, be with, and that would obviously decide on the style of play and such but as an overall campaign im a little stumped. Shinra will give them missions that they will pursue and complete (with limitations on uniform and maybe with rank). That could lead into a greater plot point but I'm not sure what to do with the plot point while still staying original. Any ideas? I don't even mind of the idea involves the super ultra mega death cataur. Just looking for advice and insight. I'm unsure what my players want to fight for, but I'm sure it might be shinra or arcadia.

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