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I want to play this game again! Looking for Group.
Hey-o! Longtime fan of the game here, wanting to get back into it!

I remember discovering this game way back in '09, and immediately falling in love with it. A friend and I, having recently been introduced to tabletop gaming, and both of us Final Fantasy fans, started playing it with gusto. It went on for about three years, with me acting as GM, and him as the player. It was mad fun, but we haven't played since.

Now, after a long while, I've perused through the site, and it's got me all fired up for this game once again! I have not had any luck with getting a group together locally, though, and the Roll20 forums didn't turn up squat. I was disheartened, but then I went "The heck. If I want to play a FFD20 game, then I should post in the freakin' FFD20 forums."

Suffice to say I felt kinda dumb.

Anyway, rather than haphazardly running my own game, I'd much rather be a player this time. I'm pretty flexible for time, with pretty much any day from Friday to Monday being good to go for me. I operate on Pacific Standard Time. I'd be willing to fill any party role, and I'm good with pretty much any setting, from thatched cottages and castles to the cyberpunkiest of cyberpunk cities. As long as it's Final Fantasy, I'm good with it!

If there is anyone here with a spot available in their game group, please let me know!
There is a spot open on a possible monday night group. Its going to be an all evil campaign, but we aren't starting right away. Drop your skype info and ill shoot you a message about it.

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