Poll: What element should crystal armor protect against?
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The element that the crystal would be strong against
4 44.44%
The element that the crystal would be weak against
0 0%
The same element as the crystal
4 44.44%
What the Sam-Hell are you talking about in the first place?
1 11.11%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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Poll: Crystal armor
So, in the thread I started about crystal equipment, people seem to have some different opinions on what particular element the armor should protect against when you choose to spend MP on it. Since I can't seem to edit my first post in that thread and put a poll in that one, I'll make one here.

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Its really just a matter of wording i think. I say the same element because that's what most will expect, and will understand right off. Simplicity.
I agree with Nelo (though originally I said it should be element the crystal is strong against) making it the same makes it easier to know what crystal does what for players of all experience levels.
By the look of it, the element that the crystal is strong against looks to be the winner. I'll keep the entry on the other thread as is.

Signing of Manly Man ~A Man~

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