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Genome Race
Put this together last night. Racked my brain for hours trying to figure out something that worked well with Genomes. Note that this Genome race is also technically the Black Mage race, by taking alternate traits, but the unaltered race is Genome. (Yes Genomes and the Black mages are technically the same, just made from different materials, Genomes being made from Terran materials, while the Black Mages are made from Gaian Materials)

I'm willing to split this into 2 seperate races, as that was my original intention, but after showing it to Nelo, he thinks it works out well for both. But I would like some more feedback.

Race is attached to this post, let me know if I need to upload a mirror.

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Hmm... FFIX, while one I did enjoy, wasn't one I went as crazy on the lore of- so while it makes perfect sense I didn't think of the two as the same race... but yeah, that makes perfect sense >.>

That said I like this, the assumption is that only 'awakened' Genomes whom have already gained a soul are playable, since they take certain penalties but it mentions their awakening in place. I think this is for the best since playing a Soulless creature is... well, weird? To think about, feels like it wouldn't have the potential to be a PC or make much in the line of decisions to further their goals.

So yeah, overall I like this, the Ideal/Mystic Vessel racial traits are a tricky one cause that can be pretty powerful at times, but it also has a 'cap' so that at 20th level you gain no additional benefit from it.
Yep, you guessed right. The race is supposed to be after attaining a soul. Normal genomes are supposed to be like makoto, in a sense. The ignorant upbringing alternate trait being more like Zidane or vivi.

Signing of Luphey [Image: 21.jpg]

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