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Ronin - Base Class - V1.6
The Ronin is an Eastern Flavored, Dexterity dominant, no armor, Two Weapon Fighting centered class, that focuses on combo techniques, and sundering(somewhat).

Lookin for some feedback, I already got a little bit but more never hurts.

10/10/2015: Clarified wording on a few abilities. Made some balance changes. Renamed a few abilities. Ronin no longer gets evasion, but instead gets uncanny dodge.

9/20/2015: Reworked damage on many of the Ougi and Ketsugou. Need some playtesting before I do any more updates.

9/20/2015: Changed DCs of Ougi, Ketugou,Mantis Sweep. Changed how Way/Soul of the Warrior works. Changed the levels that you gain many of the abilities. Clarified that Vorpal does not work with Blade Precision. Changed DC of Dual Weapon Riposte.

9/19/2015: Balanced abilities more, added more Ougi, and Ketsugou. Also Changed the capstone ability.
9/18/2015: Tweaked some abilities for better balance, also corrected some grammer and spelling erros.
9/18/2015 : Uploaded Ronin PDF. Uploaded mirror.

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Signing of Luphey [Image: 21.jpg]
Only been a day since I finished putting this together, and I have already tweaked it so much. Need dat feedback though. The 3 people that I have gotten feedback from, are in love.

Signing of Luphey [Image: 21.jpg]
Mantis sweep- this should allow for enemies adjacent a save or impose a penalty to hit them… this is EXTREME, even splash damage allows for a save.

Riposte: Reflex Save DC is too easy. Maybe make it an opposed attack. This would keep the situation dynamic- If you are fighting a lvl 2 mook they are RIDICULOUSLY outmatched, if you are fighting a Tarrasque you shouldn't stand much of a chance riposting those blows.
Even looking at the numbers when the level is obtained: Lvl 9: 3Base+4Dex+2(Cape)+2(Feat)+1(Trait)=12 meaning 8+ on the d20 will succeed. That number just goes down as you level up, regardless of your enemy.

Ougi: Save should be vs ½ lvl, also… these could be gotten earlier… waiting until lvl 10 seems excessive.

Titan’s Fist- I might make a REF vs prone?

Ketsuguo- I don't think this should be obtained the same time you get Ougi, Start Ougi @ lvl 5 or 7, then get this at lvl 10- also this might be something that benefits from the same pool of resource. Say you start learning Ougi @ lvl 5 or 7, then another at lvl 8 or 10 (3 levels later- if using the 7/10 progression allow Ketsuguo option now) then at lvl 11 or 13 you have the ability to gain ANOTHER Ougi OR you can get Ketsuguo (this way you can have specialty moves that you chain in different ways OR different moves that you chain in similar ways). Limiting these powers but opening them up earlier can add the stylization of how your character fights and help gain benefit from 2ndary party choices (maybe you have a member that stabs the prone targets or one who can expand your critical range etc.)

Blade Precision- if you had a vorpal weapon wouldn’t this auto-kill (with some exceptions) EVERY target on a roll of 20? This might be OP. Refresh of this ability is the auto-kill recharge? Then I retract the complaint.

I like the flavor of what you built, but it feels a little back heavy. I am not great at judging balance without playing the character but playing at lvl 9 vs playing at lvl 10 would be a DRAMATIC shift in gameplay for a single level as the class stands now. It gets several feats for free AND then it gets bonus feats as well, this is in addition to fighting powers so it feels a little overboard. I might eliminate “Way/Soul of the Warrior” or modify to where they CAN count as a fighter for taking of fighter feats/talents, but I may be biased in my approach.
Thanks for the input. I had originaly set the dc of ougi and ketsugou to 1/2 level, and the DC for Dual Weapon Riposte was orginially 25, buuuut I did let myself get buttered up, and convinced to change it ha ha ha.

Blade Precision - Vorpal only activates on a nat 20 roll, you still have to make an attack roll for the ability. But this was intended to not work with vorpal anyways because of the use per day mechanic. I will clarify that is doesnt work with vorpal on the pdf.

As for when you get Ougi i can agree about getting them earlier. My idea was to let them have a variety of choices, but not let them have so many since the idea is to use them in succession. I might consider inflicting some sort of penalty after using them in combination.

1 New Ougi and New Ketsugou
Mantis Sweep - Added Reflex Save to halve damage to additional targets.
Dual Weapon Riposte -Changed it to opposing attack rolls.
Ougi - DC only gets 1/2 Ronin Levels. Get it at level 4 now, and ever 5 levels thereafter.
Ketsugou - DC Same as Ougi, Get it at level 6 now, and every 5 levels thereafter. After using a Ketsugou the Ronin becomes flat-footed till his next turn.
Way of the Warrior - Get it at level 3, any time a Ronin can take a feat he can instead take a fighter talent he qualifies for, Ronin levels count as fighter levels for talents and feats.
Soul of the Warrior - Ronin can take advanced fighter talents he qualifies for in place of feats.
Weapon Devotion - Get it at level 5, same end effect, except you get +2 straight off.
Fast Movement - Speed Bump at Levels 10, 14 and 18

Signing of Luphey [Image: 21.jpg]
Random update.

Made a few balance changes to a few of the Ronin's abilities. Ronin no longer get Evasion, instead they get Uncanny Dodge. Renamed a few abilities. Changed good save to Reflex. Changed Ketsugou into swift actions rather than immediate actions. Clarified the wording on a few abilities.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this. Gonna get some more playtesting soon, so expect more updates in the near future.

Signing of Luphey [Image: 21.jpg]

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