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Paladin- Another Holy Knight Archetype
Odd isnt it? To see the name paladin as an archetype instead. Well its not the paladin your thinking of. A counter, and also based on ff14 like the Abyssal knight, I present "Paladin"! So don't get your panties in a bundle because it has nothing to do with the pathfinder paladin! lol My only concerns right now are the Oaths, not ure if they are too powerful or too weak. Let me know.

Also i do apologize for not making more stuff as of late as i intended. I need to make loads of stuff but ive been busy and i wont lie. Ive been up MGS5's ass the past two weeks. My next goal; HOPEFULLY, is...a secret. Muahaha. Anyways...

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Royal authority is straight up from sword of valor archetype its my fav. lol But ok. i know theres typos too.

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