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Lol, now you are reading this, but it is silly.

What FLAVOR would you think Health and Mana (or Ether) potions would be? Please give a description below with your reasoning (if you have a reason for it).

I look forward to reading what people think Smile

My answer would be "Cheesey" for Health and "Beany" for Ether/Mana. The reason being that the standard coloring for those potions is Red and Blue (Health & Ether respectively), and the elements with emission spectrums in those colors are Calcium and Potassium (again, Red & Blue), the foods with the highest percentage of those elements are Low fat cheeses and White Beans.

This was silly and frivolous but work is REALLY slow today so I learned something Smile

What do you guys think? Next time you down that Elixir just remember- Cheesey beans SAVE LIVES!
I mean... they are medicines Creator... they aren't meant to be tasty. I wonder if there are warning labels on Potions: "Please keep out of reach of children. Excessive potion use likely to cause constipation, shortness of breath and euphoria."
Well, I don't think they're entirely alchemical since a potion can fix up a bullet wound >.>

Also it could be that the bottles themselves are colored that way to help further the branding of known potions in a world where such things are sold to travelers. "Buy red, you won't end up dead." "Buy blue, magic's there fer you." That sort of stuff, maybe?

For red I'd say cherry cough medicine, for blue I'd say grape. I know grape is usually purple but I've never had blueberry cough medicine so not sure how to gauge it >_>
haha... Potion marketing is part of the first 5 ranks of the "Appraise" skill.

3 ranks in appraise shop assistant: "Would you like to buy a red potion?"
10 ranks in appraise adventurer: "That is a scarlet potion, which is basically my own urine in a pretty vial. I only spend coin for mauve, crimson, and on a good day the odd fuchsia."
3 ranks "So... is that a no or? I am just trying to put myself through Dragoons school, this is a part-time gig."
I always thought, since I was a kid, that mana potions must taste like dimeatap medicine from the 90's-not the new stuff.
Potions, I imagine, taste like if you were to drink the straight syrup for a Rockstar or Monster. Going further up the chain (Hi-Potions and X-Potions) would just intensify it.

Ether would probably taste like... well, ether; many people who've inhaled or ingested diethyl ether compare it to gasoline. Hi-Ethers and Turbo Ethers would likely increase in intensity to the point that it makes your sinuses tingle, or feel like they're on fire, respectively.

Elixirs I see as something like a burning, sickeningly sweet, tussin-like flavor that makes your mouth, throat, and stomach go numb. Megalixirs are the same thing, they just come in a bottle big enough for everyone to share.

Signing of Manly Man ~A Man~
I will say the logistics of a megaelixir is something that shouldn't be thought about too hard. I drink a potion so EVERYONE around me gets healed...??? Maybe it makes you all pheromoney and... is Megaelixir how you get Sex Panther? 60% of the time it works every time!

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