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Gestalt Ideas?
Anybody have any Final Fantasy classes/archetypes that just scream gestalting?

Right now i'm stuck on the possibility of a Mako Weapon Engineer/Gunblade specialist and just stack up the critical feats since Gunblade Specialist has such a high crit range.

Also, curious if a SOLDIER/Magitek Pilot can use SOLDIER Techs in his mech?
The Magitek Pilot functions in many ways like the Synthesist Summoner Archetype from PF, so for SOLDIER techs: Yes, though he'd need a weapon sized for his Magitek.

This is by RAW, when we think of how piloting a Magitek functions as opposed to how the Synthesist mimics its Summoner's actions perfectly, I don't think it should function in such a way. Pulling levers and pressing buttons doesn't translate to the kind of movements that go into a SOLDIER Sword Tech, in my opinion.
But if he had the neural scanner?
Hmm, I'm beginning to see a misunderstanding- just to be clear, are you referring to the Magitek Pilot Prestige Class? Or the Magitek Operator Base Class? Because if it's Prestige, you don't need Gestalt to take it and SOLDIER(the fighter archetype), and if you are referring to the PrC version of both, just remember you cannot take two prestige classes at the same time with Gestalt, only one of your two classes can progress as a Prestige at any given level.

For Magitek Pilot Prestige Class, piloting standard Magitek, I don't believe you can use stuff like Sword Techs through them- for the Magitek Operator Archetype it's technically allowed, but doesn't make sense to me. For the former, a Neural Link doesn't mention class features so it wouldn't work... and for the latter, the Magitek Operator's 'Magitek' doesn't follow standard rules and functions as an Automaton you simply wear rather than command. The Magitek Operator Archetype cannot use standard Magitek equipment with their Automaton, so the Neural Link wouldn't be an option for it.

So yeah... because the classes are plentiful, could you please specify whether you mean the Archetype SOLDIER or Prestige Class, and if you mean the Magitek Pilot Prestige Class, or Magitek Operator Archetype.

Giving an example level build might help me better understand your question, too...
technomancer and chemist

chemist, and the gun medic one. this is one I really want to play. like sooo bad.
chemist and gunner also one I so want to play

blue gunmage and gunner
White Mage/Time Mage could get pretty close to that "Oracle" job that brought down doom on the enemies and had heal-y powers.
I meant SOLDIER archetype and I suppose the Magitek Pilot, although i don't believe you HAVE to take Magitek Operator or Pilot to be able to use a magitek.

I know you can't take two prestige classes. The build i'm toying with right now is a gestalted SOLDIER15//Operator5/Pilot10.

Also, i have to read Operator again. I didn't know there was a real difference in the Operator's magitek and a standard one.
Yeah, the Operator's Magitek is basically just an Engineer Automaton that modifies your own stats, and gives you a pool of temp HP.

The Standard Magitek are built like constructs, with set HP and stats, armor, a lot of equipment can be swapped out... but on the topic of Sword Techs: After giving it some thought, I don't believe either for of Magitek would support it.

They are (Su) abilities, meaning they rely on something only you can do, not strictly a technique. While you could have the Magitek mimic the movements it can't call on the Mako Infusions you have to pull off the effects that make a Sword Tech what it is.

Neural Link wouldn't fix this, all that does is make the machine more responsive to your commands, it doesn't fix a lack of flow for Mako energy from you to its weapons.
I have been tinkering with a Scholar/Black Belt as well as a Scholar/Sword Saint gestalt, just to see how bad it can get.
Jesus christ Sword saint/Scholar what?. My head. So much. What a thought. tell me how it goes.

I always favor dragoon being a great gestalt for alot of things. Fighter/ Holy/Dark knight, berserker, etc.
If my group ever gets back together to play it out, I will...might just have to reboot the campaign though with fewer people and try again. It is fun though...plenty of options...especially since we are using elemental homebrew rules to fill in gaps.
My friend was talking about doing a Dancer/Geomancer in order to simulate Mog from FFVI.

I thought that was cute Smile
Hmm, wondering what kind of cheese people could get into with my Dragon Child archetype...

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Dancer/Phantom Blade and pump charisma into the heavens since it determines damage, attack bonus, spell DC and your AC. And with the right feats, you can tie almost anything to charisma to make it even better.
Holy/Dark knight + archer (battlefield minstrel). So much charisma scaling

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Dragoon/Vigilante (Ultimate Intrigue): grab Shadow's Speed, Perfect Fall, Shield of Blades, and Mad Rush. Charge and profit.

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<>Ever on the Hunt for the Ultimate<>
<>D20 Class Change System<>
Dragoon + Kineticist: choose air as your element and choose air's leap as your first utility wild talent. Your jumps (and consequentially deadly lancer damage) will get ridiculous pretty quickly.

Signing of Loxsis
<>Ever on the Hunt for the Ultimate<>
<>D20 Class Change System<>
here's a concept I'm working on: holy knight (archon/temple knight)20 / knight(ManlyMan's landsknecht)13/general 7 with vmc fighter. with the right trait and feat, create an anti-mage tank with level 9 initiators who won't hold still. bonus points for somehow getting primal fury's level 6 charge maneuver and using it on the enemies turn. also scarlet throne stance + giants reach from two-handed talent tree...there's probably more, but I'm not done with the concept yet...
Dark Knight//Holy Knight can be a thing, using the Disciple of Odin trait to allow yourself to be Lawful Good.

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