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Magitek Operator
In the magitek Operator archetype it says that you gain the automaton's strength and dexterity bonuses (as shown on a standard magitek) so does that mean you gain the +8 equipment bonus from being in it or does that mean your strength is now equivalent to the automaton chassis you decided to go with? Assuming the prior, what do you do about the bonus strength and dexterity you get from leveling up? Also what material is it considered to be made out of in regards to the armor bonus it provides. Does it also have the equipment slots of a magitek to add upgrades? I'm sorry about all the questions and i thank you in advance for the answers.
I recall Vil was wanting to redo some of this, but at the time when I was contemplating between either Magitek Operator or War Machine in a game of his we discussed and he ruled, at that time, that you'd use the Automaton's stats as normal for an Engineer of a given level.
Does that include the armor?
Think of it like the Synthesist Archetype for the Summoner class in Pathfinder, you stat out the Automaton as if it was its own creature (with no Int, Wis, or Cha), following the table as a standard Engineer would, and when piloting it you use its stats and have its HP pool as 'temporary hit points' to symbolize how much of a beating the Magitek can take.

So yes, whatever its AC would be you use while piloting it, but it wouldn't benefit from any armor or magic items you're wearing like a Ring of Protection, you'd have to slot Protect Materia into its armor for something like that.

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