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Character Exposition
So I decided, perhaps its time we all shared our characters on this page. The Adventures is a lot of recruitment lately, and not an exposition of the insanity of our own creations. So Allow me to introduce you to Mogniviar, The Improvised Vessel.

Mogniviar is a Blue Mage, with an emphasis on versatility on a brawl. She's fleet footed, charismatic, intelligent, somewhat stubborn in her ways, and of average physical strength.

What Seperates Mogniviar from the rest of the Blue Mages? Her inability to use traditional weapons. Mogniviar is a follower of the martial art Eskrima, which specializes in the use of improvised weaponry. It isn't uncommon for her to partake the battlefield, with three nails in her hand (Spiked between her fingers) and a branch in the other. This love of Eskrima comes from two hobbies of hers. Her hobby of reading up on everything she can know about the monsters of the world around her, and her hobby of gathering information in a bar, leading to giant sprawls amongst the patrons.

Mogniviar is currently adventuring in the "Children of Hydalen" campaign, and currently travels with a Shindroid Knight, with a few emotions..mostly happiness, as he doesn't display any other emotion, and a Dwarf Time Mage, who Mogniviar follows as a studious example of how The Mist can affect even the simplest of creations.

Her Ultimate Goal? Mogniviar was raised amongst Sky Pirates, and as such, follows their code of life..leading to a more Lawful alignment than not. As Such, she plans to eventually become an airship captain, and leader of a crew of sky pirates herself, vowing to only attack armed ships. She is also currently studying how to imbue her magic within materia, so she may design a "Materia Cannon" on her ship, to be used as her trump weapon in the skies.

Well guys, post your creations below, and remember to have fun in your games. Hope you all are having fun.

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"The life of a Blue Mage is one of agony, and ecstasy. The ability to harness the destruction that mauled you, is like none other." - TFM, Blue Mage Extraordinaire of FFd20
Viladin D'Armand, of the secret house of shindroids, The D'Armand Family. Created by Shinra, eventually escaped, and is on a constant lookout by Shinra. Blessed by the god, Alexander, Viladin devoted his life to protecting others.

Within the 5th year of his life, he met an engineer who installed an empathy chip into his programming, enabling him to feel emotions. It was a joyous day for Viladin. He loves to smile, and he loves to bring smiles whether we want to or not.

Very chivalrous, vocal, and boisterous, Viladin is the very ideal of a crusader, always on the mission to save people in need. His very presence commands respect, usually whether they want to or not, and his fearlessness sometimes gets himself and his companions into trouble.


[Image: viladin3.jpg]
Modrym Polyakov, dwarven time mage extraordinaire. While only average physically and not known for the wisest choices, she's the fastest, smartest, hardiest, ad most charismatic dwarf you'll ever meet. Which you generally won't, seeing as she moonlights as a thief. Hobbies include gambling, sleeping, pranking and 'borrowing.'

While Modrym has had great luck all her life (admittedly due to her own time shenanigans), the one thing she can't seem to shake is Hades' curse on her. Said to be the cause of her family's ruin, she's made it her life's goal to break the curse, but seeing as the best god to do so is Hades himself, Modrym turned to next best god: Ramuh. Surely he'll help a little old time mage like herself, right?

Modrym is currently adventuring in the "Children of Hydalen" campaign, where she joined up with a shindroid knight and a moogle blue mage. After studying the knight for a solid six hours, she came to the conclusion that she a) wants to know how these things work and b) thinks the goal of shindroids is to gain a harem. As for the moogle, well, she just knows she's in for a good time with that one.

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I really did not know that ALL of you were female. That makes things... /creepy smile... interesting.
Well...anyone OUTSIDE of the campaign wanting to show a few of their characters?

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"The life of a Blue Mage is one of agony, and ecstasy. The ability to harness the destruction that mauled you, is like none other." - TFM, Blue Mage Extraordinaire of FFd20
Yeah its gonna be pretty interesting. Id post a character if i had ever actually played one lol Besides npcs. My current favorite Npc is in children so i cant share that info. But when i made them i liked them so much i seem to want to enlist them as a npc in all my games. Id probably play them as well. K knows whos im talking about. (No spoilers K)((He only knows cause hes played in the others lol))

I will however share a story about another npc. One that effected the first version of children greatly as far as interaction with pcs.

The Lady: Hume- Female- Archer
The lady was never met at first, she had posted a job in the adventurers guild for a group to find a amulet dear to her. The group found the amulet amongst thieves who had stole it from her. When returned it was found that The lady was a beautiful red headed woman who wore a green cloak over her leather armor and was armed with a long bow. Her red hair was long and beautiful almost like a princess' she was a highly revered adventurer. No one knew her name but she was a noble fighter seemingly fighting alongside the Order of the white raven for a time (for money of course) and took jobs that helped the weak more than anything. She was eventually named The lady.

Later she was met again by Rin when he joined the Holy knights of the white raven. Rin hired her for a months work to assist him, but in the next battle she was lost in the explosion and wasnt seen again until Jeuno from there she carried on her duties with Rin.

An intimate relationship grew between the two eventually and would still never give her name, but however on the last mission for the order she would be seen, they crashed landed their airship into the evil forest. The lady was captured by the plants in the forest and was saved by sunny and rin. However the forest began to petrify. They ran for their lives and forest tried to stop them. The lady was entangled and even with rins help she was unable to make it and was petrified. The petrification was so strong nothing could cure her of it. Half a year later(reasons why it took so long i will not discuss) rin began searching for the fabled super soft with the help of the echo he was able to find it. Eventually making it back to the Lady across the world he cured her of her petrification. The held each other in each others arms and her first words was " name is Cornellia".

She was the young daughter of the noble family over the magic city of garland in rabanastre but in the battle between Galbadia and the order years ago when she was young, she lost her family and friends and survived the battle thanks to the orders Bellatrix. She learned to hunt and fight as an adventure since then. When she was young she wanted to be a princess, due to the love she had for her favorite play "I want to be your canary" and that she shared the princess' name of the play.

The Lady perished sometime later by Rins hands when his soul was corrupted by darkness and he had become the opposite of what he as when she knew him as Rin tried to give her the world she aimed her bow at him in retaliation to his dark actions and shot him.Rin ran her through. Rin left her body alone, and wandered with the demon Xana.

Sorry for the long post and bad grammar. lol( and sorry k if i got something wrong there)
I thought I'd finally make this story public, since it shows a horrible horrible time for ffd20, one where, by default, a class was broken, with little restrictions.

Esther, The TaruTaru

Esther was a poor farmboy, living in the southern dragon lands, growing wheat to feed his brother, and his four sisters. It was rough work, day in, day out..especially the day Ester's magical spark ignited..literately. His farm was attacked by imps, on a crusade to acquire more land for themselves. They wielded torchs, and set Esther's farm, and his hands, aflame.

Miraculously, Esther came across the flame unscated, and harnessed the flame in his hands as his own, not knowing how he controlled the fire of the torchs, he was barely able to squander the entire farm, before his entire crop turned to ash. However, he couldn't pay his rent to the farmlands owner, and as such, he fled with his brother, and his four sisters scattered across amongst caravens, communicating via mail.

However his misfortune did not stop there, one of the six elemental crystals, chose him as his gaurdian, a radiant warmth to bathe the world in a beautiful, erratic light, the fire crystal chose himself, yet a curse was fallen upon his brother. The darkness crystal chose his brother as its gaurdian, but his brother was only active, in his dreams. He fell into a permanent state of sleep, amongst the crystal's tower.

Through this pain, Esther learned how to become his enemies, by studying them, and transforming into them. He became a master of this art (and this is where everything gets broken)
Esther the TaruTaru longer a tarutaru. An abomination is what he became. Upon mastery, he morphed partially into every creature he deemed fit, promoting an armor class that gods feared to try to pierce. He eventually earned the title "God-Slayer" for his bounts with the Elemental dieties, even dethroning Ifrit, just to give him his place back. Power was not was Esther wanted, nor glory, nor anything material. All Esther wanted, was to save his brother, from a curse that would never have been broken...

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"The life of a Blue Mage is one of agony, and ecstasy. The ability to harness the destruction that mauled you, is like none other." - TFM, Blue Mage Extraordinaire of FFd20
The day she saw the world in monochrome.

It started like any other normal day or at least as normal as it could while fight in a war, at dawn with scouts reporting back. A small group of Shinra forces to the south west, not a problem with our numbers. By noon our force meet theirs by surprise and quickly thin them out an easy battle and easy win. Until to more come from behind flanking us and hits us hard, after catching our second wind and make a call back and taking the upper hand, then it happened. A figure quit through us, the men fear the ripper had appeared on the field, till I saw it a women cloaked cuts down ten more some my friends other recruit the anger flairs in me. I move to intercept she dodges and pushes me back moving to cut down another group of men. I lose control my emotions flood my judgment she quickly strikes me cold and precise I feel warm at my side I reach down and feel wet damn she cut me and its bleeding bad, it lash out again and hit air the sting if steel again and more blood. I cry out and drop to my knee looking up to see the blade coming to take my head I close my eyes waiting for it but it doesn't come just a clash. I see him my master meeting her blade, a flash and again they meet over and over. I watch them my body betraying me and not moving, probably the blood lose. Everything starts to move slow as I watch my master begin to lose, her blade connects and I cry out his name, damn the world begins to fade color draining only her hair is left with it burning a bright crimson. She grabs his collar dragging him away, I see her turn back and hear her speak. "Worry not sweet one its not yet your time, I will wait till you are strong before I take your life..... ~" I cry out looking up at the sky it a perfect monochrome then nothing. I awaken to machines beeping to find awards of bravery and valor in my name that only bring me shame and fill me with anger. Four years had passed, but the words still burning my mind along with the scars on my body.
A Male Mithra raised by humans, a Scholar, and somewhat of a rogue, Logan Grayborn is an odd mix. (Was part of the Children campaign, so cut possible spoilers. And I am so sorry. I didn't think it was this long! )

His family (as he came to know them) found him next to a dying chocobo and the rest of the caravan slaughtered and robbed on it's way to Kazahm with one of the few Male Mithra to guard. The family adopted the kitten boy as their own, raising him alongside their own. Often the family made him wear bows, dresses, and such to hide his identity for fear they would try to take him away.

His (new) father was a Ruby Magister in a small kingdom. It was more of an advisory role, giving their liege advice on the general state of affairs, improving their kingdom, and, most importantly, strategic plans when needed. His father was a well known, and respected man. He always stood with the common folk, not seeing himself as "superior" and raised his children to the same, as they played with both noble and "low born". To him, the word "Noble" did not mean what it did to many. He though of it as striving to do doing good for people, no matter their position, and no matter the cost.

All was well as Logan was raised. He was slowly taught to hide his appearance (tail, ears, and mannerisms) as he got older and it became harder to pass him off as a girl. His father taught him combat and magic (as he was older than the father's other children), through his natural innate magic and his gunblade that he had been in their family for some generations. His mother (a lady of court) taught him and his siblings the fine arts of speaking and manners. Slowly, though, the kingdom was starting to sink into unrest as their liege's greed grew.

One dark day was all it took for it all to fall apart in front of the boy. Their liege had ordered a mass execution. The victims were those who protested the liege's new ways, peacefully.

The boy's father heard of this and decided to confront his liege. He donned his armor and grabbed his gunblade as his family watched him storm out with rage, determination, and the horror of what had happened on his mind. Logan followed him, trying his best to keep up. He marched up to the king in his throne, not even noticing that a High Judge (no name, no Children spoils) was present, drawing his weapon and asking the king,
"What kind of cowardous monster would kill his own people for expressing the truth about their King's descent to greed?"
The King, infuriated, demanded his head. The High Judge stepped forward and said,
"Not under my watch. We Judges are the law of the land, and I say he proves his word and defends his honor of drawing a weapon on his liege...through trial by combat. Meet here again tomorrow, and we shall carry out your trial."

And, with that, the boy and his father left.

The father explained to his wife what was to become of him, knowing that there was no way he could defeat the Judge, hearing how they have rarely been defeated, and even those are more than likely just rumors. He then tells her something that she never wanted to hear him say.

"Logan comes with me. He must know what it is that I stand for"

The mother starts to protest, but knows his mind is set.

They prepare to travel back to the throne room, where the trial is to take place. People have gathered to wish him luck and protest the king (and the Judge's) actions. They arrive at the throne room, minus the marble statues, grand chandelier, and other breakables. The king with the rest of his court, and the Judge, adorned, still, in the armor of the law of the lands, the true rulers.

"Before we begin, I ask but one thing of you. See my son safely home with my weapon, should I perish"

The Judge nods, giving his solemn vow, and the trial proceeds. They both fight at their full strength, but the boy's father didn't quite feel right. The battle waged, but the father felt weaker and weaker as it went. He found out was wrong...right as the Judge plunged his sword through him.

"Heh...the man you protect was afraid I would best you," he said with a grim smile as the blood started to rise into his mouth, "because he had his mages lay an Anti-Magic field, inhibiting me from being my best. Now, keep your word and take my boy now"

He hands the Judge his weapon and a crystal. The judges hands them to the boy, who is refusing to go and cries for help for his father. The Judge tells him that crushing the crystal will heal his father. The King tells his men to catch the boy, as he is the son of a traitor, but the Judge stops them and tells the King he has broken the laws of trial and will pay the price.

That is the last thing the boy hears before being in front of his house, instantaneously, the weapon of his father, glowing its name upon the blade, "Vanguard". Upon seeing the blade and his home, he decided he can't live there anymore. He took his new gunblade and ran, despising "nobles" from that day forward.

He soon found himself in the (forced) employment of a noble (after sneaking his way into his home and finding his secret that made him want to sneak in anyways), seeking artifacts of great power, and receiving one himself, through mercy. He did his best to not cause harm to anyone that had not tried to harm the innocent...well...and wasn't trying to kill him, of course. He wasn't above lying, cheating, or stealing, but only if it didn't hurt the innocent, unless they happened to be nobles. He was never a friend to the gods either.

Logan's life was over on a great battle for Spira.
Gertrude, a female Nu Mou, knew that she wanted to be the best. Not good. Not great. Not legendary. The. Best.

She entered the military and focused her studies and training on the magic of time. While she excelled spectacularly within her field she noticed that the healers and destruction specialists (white and black mages) were advancing more quickly within the ranks than she was. Deciding that there would always be a need for medics within the military Gertrude constantly dedicated herself to medical training, but never shirking her magical and spiritual exploration.

She filed for a change of service and decided to pursue the path of the scholar. It may have seemed an odd choice given that the crimson path led down the same road but seemed to favor bold and beautiful people instead of the supremely intelligent and wise. Her foray into books and magical lore attracted the attention of a tedious and annoying fairy that would never shut up and wanted the chrono scholar to pay attention to her... Ugh! What a nuisance, but even the most schizoid require some social interaction and thus "Friday," as the sprite was dubbed, became the reluctant companion of the military's least favorite savant.

After exceling in her scholarly studies Gertrude began to be fascinated with Numerology and the power of magic via mathematical application. She found that by using progressive calculations and formulae she was better able to understand battlefield layout and enhance not just her understanding of the magics of time, destruction and healing but progressing the powers of her spells and the application of them in ways her fellow soldiers could not match.

She made a name for herself as a tactical genius. Responsible for assisting in more victories than any other colleague of her grade. While she advanced in rank beyond any other black mage she still could not reach the heights the healers were achieving. Resentment festered into bitterness. Gertrude would lash out at white mages with the slightest provocation and, with increasing frequency, no provocation at all.

Eventually she was assigned to the position of SeeD instructor handpicking teams of students. Surprisingly she has never had a white mage in her class. Maybe the higher ups should look into that? There is talk about sub-contracting her as a liaison for guild missions. Rumors of a maniacal summoner named Seymour have started circulating.
The characters I've got are in a homebrew setting that focuses on Eidolons, with some alignment restrictions taken out, and a take on gestalt rules that I can explain later, if anyone asks; it's similar to how things work in Tactics.

Uwa Eisenschwert is something of an odd case in terms of her occupation. A Hume Dark Knight, she has an ironic talent for White Magic deep within, despite her affinity for shadowy abilities. Many of her fellow Dark Knight colleagues, with whom she has sparred and even dueled, tend to outclass her in terms of damage being dealt in such controlled and sterile situations as fighting at the academy in which she hones her skills, but when the time comes to apply her knowledge to the field, she truly excels and outshines her peers with her unusual survivability; whereas they quickly must retire as their own health is steadily depleted when they use their dark powers, Uwa can simply take a moment to pause and restore her body before flinging herself headlong into battle once more. Such resourcefulness has attracted the attention of Odin himself, the first Dark Knight, and although he has high hopes for her, she is still far too green to even survive the trials that are his personal tutelage of a select few.

She and her sister, Claramond, share a desire for the betterment of the world, and although they go about it through opposing means- Claramond is a Holy Knight herself- they do their best to achieve their common goal. Uwa has a much more light-hearted temperament than most people, let alone that of the majority of Dark Knights, and strives to think positively, even in dire straits. Her fighting style is a ferocious, high-energy one, and while she does at least play fair when she spars or engages her fellows, she follows the creed "All is fair in love and war" resolutely, and has no aversion towards fighting dirty when out in the field; sucker punching, throwing dirt or salt in the eyes, or cutting the tendons of her enemies is not below her at all, and is willing to accept that others may end up using the same tactics upon her as well. Despite her lack of scruples when in combat, Uwa does her best to further goodness in the world, even if she has to kick the villain in the balls to do it.

Here's a picture I drew of her; my scanner can be a bit of a jerk, and so the colors are a little off, but she's supposed to be wearing an off-white suit with crimson embroidery to help signify her status as a White Mage on top of being a Dark Knight. The armor is supposed to be mythril, just lacquered to fit a Dark Knight's color scheme, and the sword is dark crystal (which I made a thread about here).

[Image: t3NIj1Y.jpg?1]

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