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Looking for a Group!
Greetings! I just across this lovely compendium of work and immediately fell in love with it and its potential. I'm hoping to find someone running a group, preferably on Roll20, or something that will allow for a voice chat component. I've never done play by post before; however, am not against trying my hand at it to be certain. Currently my Fridays and Saturdays are filled with games for Fire Emblem and Dragon Age, but if there is anything running on a Sunday or a Weekday let me know. Evenings are usually best during the week due to work.

Hope to hear from someone, and have fun!
I know a few games are running during the week, most of the people prefer Skype I believe. Anyway, good luck with finding one or running one. I work evenings, so I can't do them and my life is too hectic to just do a voice chat (Kids and general chaos). If by some random chance you live locally, I am always looking for people to game with.
*Shrugs* I run a game that I'm trying on for saturdays and sundays.

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