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Campaign Recruitment
Hello everyone! In light of certain events, I decided to try my hand at DM'ing. And yes. I promise, despite who my usual DM is, I promise to not allow crazy amounts of idiocy. (Ergo, I promise that I'll try to balance it for you all, and promise not to be a Kenki.)

Anywho, so far we are looking at 7 pm CNT time, every saturday. You may apply to me via PM. You must have skype. Be prepared for some fun and insanity.

So far we have a blue mage, a time mage, and a sonamancer. Custom classes are allowed (see me first, let me see the class first) and all manner of races and classes are allowed. Stop by for some laughs, and some fun. And a nice casual experience with a first time DM. Ciao~su.
Not able to, simply due to schedules and such, but good luck with it and hope it goes well.
Wish I could join, but I work every Saturday. Been looking to do something play-by-post myself, but I'm not comfortable enough to run a pathfinder game.

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