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Weapon Support
Is there anything on this site or anyone have a broad weapons list or at least one
with more detail like different armor/weapon types, legendary weapon support, and
maybe synthesis lists?
I'm currently creating a Celestial Weapon list and I want to work on some Legendary armor. I just started abit today I'll attach what I have to get the ball rolling. So far its all still a rough draft so ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

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.docx   Celestial Weapons.docx (Size: 219.29 KB / Downloads: 30)
That is actually pretty. This is part of the set from FFX if I'm not mistaken, right? What about the set from FFIX, XII and XIII?
Death Penalty is from VII. Ragnarok i just through in though pic is from XII i believe. Gae Bolg is fro XIV. I plan on working on alot more once i get more time.

Planned Weapons (SO FAR)

Curtanna: A Holy Bastard Sword.
Masamune: A Large katana.
Zantesuken: A Katana passed down by Odin.
Spirit Lance: A Lance from the past presented by cactuars.
Fenrirs Fang: A Shadow Bastard Sword.
Lionheart: A Gun-blade with mystical energy.
Gastro fork: A Battle fork made for the greatest of Qu's.
The Tower: A double-blade.
Cerberus: A Handgun with three barrels said to have the power of Hades' guard dog.
The Crimson: A double-bladed gunblade.
Angel Flute: A Flute who's sound purifies the souls of the who hear it rhythm.
Loveless: A red rapier with a fiery power.
Mace of Zeus: A mace with incredible magical power. Some say it holds the most power destructive black magic within it.
Rune Claws: Claws that seems to have a dark aura about them.

Lots more to come hopefully too. for now im looking straight at Ultimate weapons from other games or iconic weapons. Definitely need to look around for some more ranged ones.
What about Lightning's Gunblades? or Sazh's? As far as ranged is concerned they don't really get support. I mean, there's Yuffie's Shuriken, Sagittarius from FFXII, whatever Barret's weapon from VII was called, Wakka's Blitzballs and I think that might actually be it as far as ranged weapons go in my knowledge that were notable

If you count spears as being ranged, why not add Zodiac Spear, Gungnir and Kain's Lance?
Technically speaking, you could probably make any 'ultimate' weapon a celestial. So FFVI has a ton of them, since each character had an end-game setup. Which did include a few ranged weapons as well.
Pretty much what i was going to try to do.And Yeah Ill definitely do Lightning gunblade and Sazh's Missing Score i what i believe to be Barret's ultimate. I cant remember what Irvine's was but ill get that too. Just definitely seems not as much ranged as there are melee. I'll make a bigger list maybe tonight had a lot of stuff on my plate all day to be able to work on anything. I also plan to categorize it of course and maybe add more detail to them all. I will make a "Ultima" weapon as well. However i believe one was made by someone here i saw a long time ago.

Questions id like to ask thats on my mind:

Do you think i should make the special effects LB's and do more damage based on level or keep them at a times per day? If so, is 1-2 sufficient? I know they are supposed to be"ultimate" weapons and meant for end game but i want to keep a balance due to the extra stuff they give. Some of course get more than others. Some i feel aren't powerful enough for endgame.

Hows Ragnarok seem? I named it V.1 cause i figured id make other versions of it. I'm not sure im happy with what i did with it. Its just what came to mind at the time.

Should i move this to community creations by now? XD I know i wll once i get the final stuff set up.(Gods know when that is)

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