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The Heart of the Shinra Empire Campaign
I will be running a Magitek campaign based in a world where there is low magic, high technology. The Shinra Empire has dominated most of the known world. Only pockets of resistance fight back. One of these that you will be in is called AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist insurgent group, run by a Shindroid named Barret Wallace, who retains the memories of the real Barret Wallace that died long ago.

A little background information: Its been a hundred years since a group of heroes stopped Kefka from ruling the world, but in doing so, they made a choice. A choice in letting Kefka roam free, magic unabated, or banishment of gods and magic. This is their choice. Magic is, for the most, sealed.

Character Information:

Level 3 Characters, any non-flying race (and for the time being, no Shindroids). 25 Point-Buy Pathfinder Character Creation.
Classes available: Archer, Chemist, Dragoon, Engineer*, Fighter, Knight, Gunner, Medic, Monk, or Thief.
*Engineers can only be played as a Magitek Operator archetype.

I will also allow 1 spellcaster PC, but with severe limitations: (Only Black Mage, Illusionist, Red Mage, Time Mage, or White Mage)
All MP cost are doubled, including metamagic feats. Costs for item creation feats are tripled. But you will gain Silent Spell and Still Spell metamagic feats for free. You will also gain Bluff and Disguise as a class skill. You will gain a drawback: Secretive (You have a hard time trying to concentrate because of your secretive spellcasting abilities. Anytime you have to make a Concentration check, add +5 to DC as a penalty.)

All characters will gain Magitek Operation feat for free. You will gain a Campaign Trait: Magitek Jockey (+1 trait bonus on Drive and Pilot skills, also given as class skills), and Regional Trait: Mechanic (+1 trait bonus on Repair and Craft: Mechanical, also given as class skills). These traits will take the place of the 2 traits you gain at 1st level.

All cash will be dumped towards your very own run-down magitek. Once we get closer to the game starting, I will post the stats. Your starting gold is maxed and will be for purchase of your starting gear, any gold leftover will be consumed.

After talking to a couple of previous players, they are willing to play so I have 1 spot open for this game. First come first serve. Must have Mumble voice chat and a microphone. The game itself won't start until after the first week of September. And it will be on Wednesdays, between 5pm-9pm CST.
I'm completely available for this. And at the perfect time too! I'd love to join this adventure.
(08-03-2014, 03:47 PM)TheFrozenMoogle Wrote: I'm completely available for this. And at the perfect time too! I'd love to join this adventure.

Done. You have a month to make a character. Smile
Since I believe you're the one who said they might go Chemist, just a suggestion but: We could use some dedicated healing support. Materia can be used somewhat between fights but an Apothecary, or at least an archetype that keeps Alchemical Mixture for 'free' potions from nowhere every day.

Course feel free to do what you want- just a suggestion since it's not like we'll have a White Mage who can dispense the heals all day long. The party mage is currently showing interest in Illusionist, though there's a month for people to change their minds. Whatever class I end up with I intend to have Magitek be a focus, that's the theme of this game and I wanna own it.
I was planning on going a support chemist. And, where can I meet the party? I'd like to know everyone's prefrences..
I sent you an invite link via PM, TFM.

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