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FF XII Zodiac Age - Hiei - 09-10-2017

Fun questions for anyone that had the pleasure of playing the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

1. What did you find were your favorite class combinations?
2. Did you enjoy controlling Espers and guest characters?
3. Who is your favorite Esper?
4. Other than battles 97-100 (because they are obviously difficult) which trial fight gave you the most trouble and how did you finally beat it?

-For myself-
1. Vaan- Bushi/Shikari
    Balthier- Time Battlemage/Foebreaker
    Fran- Red Battlemage/Archer
    Basch- Bushi/Knight
    Ashe- White Mage/Machinest
    Penelo- Black Mage/Monk

2. Oh yes, everytime there was a guest it was who i controlled The espers took up a bit to much screen room to really enjoy, but using the ultimate move whenever without the ridiculous requirements from the original was awesome. 

3. Exodus, The Judge Sal

4. Trial Stage 86(damn pirates and stupid moogle). I had to spam esper ultimate's and finish with Exodus since his bypasses that damn Reverse they throw up when critical health.