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Full Version: Creator hybrid class
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The creator is a hybrid class I came up with as a way of bringing life back to the defunct inventor archetype. Its parent classes are the summoner and the engineer, and, aside from the inventor itself and the parent classes, I took some inspiration from the sphere's of power conjuration sphere with balancing the pets. For distributing the class abilities, I used the vigilante as a base to allow enough customizability so each creator can be significantly different while retaining the base identity.

There's page for the class itself, the enrichments (magical, usually active abilities they gain as they level up), innovations (usually passive abilities they gain that augment their automatons), apps (the creator's take on evolutions for their automaton), and class specific feats.
Noticed a few mistakes on the creator, innovations, and apps page.

Alpha's class abilities were tweaked to be more sensical for a base robot; Metal Bolts lacked a range; Innovations page had some grammatical and placement issues; a table was added to the 4 point app Larger to help with explaining the increases (also applicable with other size increases that automatons may attain from other methods).

The PDFs in the first post have been altered to reflect these changes.
Updated the apps page, redoing the bonuses from Larger to make it more in line with the increases of normal size increases.

Added in an alternative to Magitek Weapon for those who do not wish to use the old magitek system.
Should be the final update for the class. Specifically, another app that was added. The app allows droids the ability to pick up some select feats to aid them in combat.